Dr. Fauci Says Covid Vaccines Could Ready for Babies and Children Under 12 by Early 2022

White House Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Fauci told lawmakers that the US could begin vaccinating older children in high school against Covid-19 this Fall. Meanwhile, a study is being done on children from age 12 down to six-month old babies who could start getting shots in the first quarter of 2022. Fauci said, “We don’t really know what that magical point of herd immunity is, but we do know that if we get the overwhelming population vaccinated, we’re going to be in good shape. We ultimately would like to get and have to get children into that mix.” Out of the 396,265 Covid deaths recorded so far in the US (a number that many believe is grossly exaggerated), only 93 were children (and that number may also be exaggerated). Either way, it is clear that young children have almost zero risk of dying from Covid or anything similar. [So why is Fauci and the vaccine makes planning to vaccinate all of these kids as soon as possible? You don’t suppose there is another agenda at play here, do you?] -GEG

Appearing later on CBS News, Fauci outlined plans to vaccinate children as young as six month old babies early next year:

Dr Anthony Fauci has claimed that in order for herd immunity against coronavirus to be reached in the US, children and even babies will have to be vaccinated.

Speaking during a Senate hearing, the chief medical adviser to the Biden administration said “I think we should be careful about wedding ourselves to this concept of herd immunity because we really do not know precisely, for this particular virus, what that is.”

“We don’t really know what that magical point of herd immunity is, but we do know that if we get the overwhelming population vaccinated, we’re going to be in good shape. We ultimately would like to get and have to get children into that mix,” Fauci added.

On Wednesday, Fauci dismissed concerns that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines could impact children’s genetics.

“We’re going to be looking at multiple aspects of safety,” Fauci told reporters, adding “There is really no biological reason at all to indicate or even predict that you would even see any modification of a genetic profile when you’re dealing with mRNA, which has no way of integrating into the genome of a cell.”

Vaccine manufacturers Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are both currently running tests of their mRNA vaccines in children.

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H.S. Florissen
H.S. Florissen
1 month ago

This guy should be shot, drowned and to be sure cremated.
After that he will be judges by the Lord and I know the answer there.

terry shead
terry shead
1 month ago

This Fauci is sick, how he is still walking around after all of his crimes beats me.

1 month ago

Little Mr. Fahucci needs to have his face slapped in and then more. I’d be glad to . . . . . .

John T. Vian
John T. Vian
1 month ago

It would be interesting to see a snap shot of one’s DNA structure before and after the Covid vaccination. Perhaps it would be the telling tale if Dr. Fauci is lying or not.

1 month ago

Babies have the purest Terrain only Vaccines will destroy their Terrain explain how a baby that has one lung filled with Amniotic fluid can then switch to breath with the other would explain why the human system is so remarkable! No Babies need any Vaccines however impossible to prevent esp when the baby after been born is taken away. Parents have no idea what goes on and how many Vaccines are administered esp once any of the Covid 19 has been proven to be safe and effective for babies and kids. Not only Autism will go through the roof how… Read more »