9 European Countries Halt Oxford/ AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Due to Fears over Blood Clots and Deaths

Blood vessel, Pixabay
Last week we reported that Austria had stopped injecting people with Oxford/ AstraZeneca’s experimental Covid vaccines after two nurses developed blood clots, leaving one dead. Denmark also suspended AstraZeneca’s jab after another death due to blood clots was reported following vaccination. Italy reported two suspicious deaths. Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Iceland and Italy have all reportedly stopped their plans to use the AstraZeneca vaccine. Medical authorities deny the deaths were related to the vaccine. The UK is still injecting its population with this experimental vaccine developed by Oxford University and their partner AstraZeneca. -GEG

Update (0954ET): Iceland has become the latest European nation to suspend the AstraZeneca jab.


The tiny island nation has confirmed roughly 6K COVID cases since the start of the pandemic, which is roughly 2% of the population.

The halts follow incidents involving blood clots in patients who recently received the vaccine. Two incidents were reported in Austria, although Vienna is allowing the vaccine to continue to be used, at least for now. Serious cases of blood clotshave been reported in Denmark and other countries as well.

Writer and skeptic Alex Berenson noted in a tweet that the AZ jab isn’t the only COVID shot suspected of causing harmful side effects in a small number of patients.

In a tweet confirming the suspension, Denmark’s health minister said there’s currently no way to know for certain whether the cases of serious blood clots are connected to the vaccine, but the situation certainly warrants ore investigation. “We acted early, it needs to be thoroughly investigated,” he said.

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Additional source:     https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/breaking-9-european-nations-suspend-experimental-astrazeneca-covid-vaccines-due-to-fatal-blood-clots/

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball
1 month ago

Portrait of a useful idiot whose memory will live in infamy.

1 month ago

Considering Australia still continuing the AstraZeneca roll out so much for TGA following up with their own safety guidelines. The world needs to wake up its part of World Economic Forum to Depopulate the earth to only 500M from Agenda 2030 its been spun as The Great Reset. While Covid 19 has been the lime light we have forgotten about 5G that’s just as critical not only humans going to be needing Oxygen Tanks to breathe once entire cites are switched on just like Wuhan was its the real reason Covid 19 became the Narrative. There is also another critical… Read more »