FBI and DHS Tried to Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath Keepers & Proud Boys – He Refused and Recorded the Conversation

Special Forces Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown, a member of Oath Keepers, attended the Stop-the-Steal protests in Washington DC on January 6 to provide security at the protests and rallies that week. Before the event, he was contacted by the FBI in an attempt to recruit him to spy on Oath Keepers. It’s all on tape.

Global Warming

Bill Gates Wants to Spray the Sky with Chalk Dust to Block the Sun

March 26, 2021 Daily Mail 12

A Bill Gates-funded experiment plans to dim the sun by sending a large balloon 12 miles above a town and dropping 2kg of chalk dust into the stratosphere to block the sun’s rays from hitting the surface. Experts warn that if used at large scale, this could be disastrous for weather systems in ways no one can predict.