Holland: Police Turn Water Cannons on Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Woman sprayed by police water cannon suffers a fractured skull. Youtube
Eindhoven, Holland: Thousands of citizens engaged in demonstrations last week, following the imposition of a nationwide 9 pm curfew, even though the number of Covid cases had been plummeting. A police truck turned its water cannon on a young woman, Denisa Stastna, who sustained a fractured skull and a head wound when she was hurled against a concrete wall. Police said she was targeted because she and her boyfriend ignored instructions to leave an area of the city where anti-curfew protests had been underway for several hours. The press is portraying this as massive rioting and violence, but we notice from the images attached to this news story that – just as in the US – the number of violent rioters and looters are few in number, all dressed alike, and could be agent provocateurs hired to throw bricks, break windows, set fires, and turn public opinion against those who resist lockdown. Nethertlanders don’t do that sort of thing, only professional agitators. The mayor declared that his country is ‘heading toward civil war’. -GEG

Woman sprayed by police water cannon suffers fractured skull.

Anti-lockdown demos in the Netherlands this week have generated many shocking images. But there is one that may yet become iconic.

During a protest against the imposition of a nationwide 9pm curfew in Eindhoven last Sunday, a police truck turned its water cannon on a young woman who was hurled against a concrete wall so hard that she appeared to bounce off it.

She slumped to the ground and was photographed with blood pouring down her face. The woman, later named as Denisa Stastna, sustained a fractured skull and a head wound that required more than 15 stitches.

According to police, she was targeted because she and her boyfriend ignored repeated instructions to leave an area of the city where anti-curfew protests had been raging for several hours.

A video of the incident quickly went viral, one of many shared online by a public stunned by the sudden eruption of violence in a country long renowned for being one of the most liberal, tolerant and civilised in the world.

This week thousands of its normally law-abiding citizens have engaged in an orgy of rioting and looting, attacking police with Molotov cocktails, fireworks and any projectiles that came to hand. More than 400 people have been arrested and 5,700 fines imposed.

And it surely begs the question: if a peace-loving nation such as Holland can be driven to such extremes by an increasingly authoritarian approach to policing the pandemic and relentless lockdowns, can we expect to see similar scenes on the streets throughout Europe?

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Marti Maurer
Marti Maurer
1 month ago

At the rate this mess is going, Holland won`t be the only country headed to a civil war!!