China’s Chief Epidemiologist Admits COVID-19 Virus was Never Proven to Exist

NBC News
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FIRST VIDEO: Dr. Wu Zunyou, the Chief Epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, was interviewed by a reporter last month who asked why the data from the Wuhan market has not been released for public examination, and he replied: “They didn’t isolate the virus, that is the issue.”

SECOND VIDEO: Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains that, if  the virus was never isolated, it cannot be said with certainty that it is not something else, which means it is possible that it doesn’t even exist. To isolate a virus, it is necessary to collect lung or other body  fluid and to separate the virus in it from everything else. Typically, it is filtered, centrifuged, and examined under a microscope to confirm it’s unique characteristics. No one has ever succeeded in doing this with COVID-19.  -GEG


This following NBC News report includes Dr. Wu Zunyou, the Chief Epidemiologist of China’s CDC. When asked why Wuhan data was never shared, he admitted: “They didn’t isolate the virus. That’s the issue.” 


In the following video, Dr. Andrew Kaufman is interviewed by Del Bigtree. His comments are an excellent short course on the risks of Covid Tests and Vaccines. Be prepared for a deep dive into concepts and dogma that are seldom discussed but which are critical to disease control. (Explanation of what is required to prove that a pathogen causes a disease begins at 8:29)


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7 months ago

FYI: I went to the Youtube video to listen, read and post; but was unable to post anything about COVID. Youtube has been seized!

7 months ago

WHODUNNIT? –Even after we’re all dead It will be written in the annals of the human race that neIther SHERLOCK HOLMES, COLUMBO nor PERRY MASON could crack the case

7 months ago

Unfortunately, the globalists have complete control over the vast, vast majority of doctors and healthcare workers … so they do whatever they are told to do and say whatever they are told to say. So I do not expect any easy-to-find HONEST study of this fraud. MAYBE a good analysis will be done, but everyone needs to understand that THE VAST MAJORITY OF WHAT IS CALLED SCIENCE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY DESTROYED. Mainstream science is now simply a branch of totalitarian politics. Any honest, thoughtful scientist can now find endless absurd contradictions and blatant lies in what is published as science… Read more »

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Scarlett Verkuijlen
Scarlett Verkuijlen
7 months ago