Joe Biden now Calling for Wearing Masks Through the Next Year. CDC Recommends Wearing 2 Masks Even After Fauci Backtracked.

Dr. Fauci has flip flopped on masks numerous times and said at the beginning of the Covid scare that masks were not necessary. Then he stated that masks “need to stay on” until everyone is vaccinated. He backtracked on wearing two masks by saying, “there is no data that indicates that it is going to make a difference.”


Bill Gates’ New Video on How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

February 12, 2021 Good Patriot 2

According to the CDC, 501 deaths and 10,748 serious vaccine injuries were reported in the US by the end of January 2021, after 35-million experimental RNA vaccines had been given. According to a US Department of Health and Human Services study, the true number of adverse events is much higher.