Washington, DC Under Lockdown, 25,000 Military Troops Deployed. Right-Wing Threat Debunked.

Downtown Washington, DC has been essentially turned into a military fortress with 25,000 military troops deployed to the area, carrying rifles without any ammo loaded. Mainstream media is cheering the occupation of the city while inflating and fabricating threats from the right. Last week, federal prosecutors claimed in court they believe that was the “intent” of “Capitol rioters” to kidnap and kill lawmakers, but the acting US attorney for the District of Columbia admitted hours later that “we don’t have any direct evidence” of a plot to assassinate lawmakers on January 6.

As Joe Biden is set to become our new president following the disputed election, new polls show that the overwhelming majority, as high as 73%, of Americans believe that our country is on the wrong track. Victor Davis Hanson said that the militarization of DC is welcomed by the left when only months ago they balked at the military trying to quell violence in the streets by Antifa and BLM. He said that the background checks by the FBI on the troops guarding the Capitol is for media consumption pushing a narrative that a vast right-wing conspiracy is trying to overthrow the government when there is no evidence insurrectionists in the ranks even exists.

Downtown Washington, DC is currently under what essentially amounts to military occupation. Streets are locked down, guarded by Army vehicles and blocked off by huge, garish checkpoints. Vehicular traffic is limited to motorists who can show papers demonstrating that, as one Guardsman told me, they are conducting “legitimate business.” (Apparently this includes Uber drivers and food delivery workers.) According to official estimates, 25,000 military personnel are now deployed to the area — on top of countless federal, state, and local law enforcement agents. Troops roam around carrying rifles with no ammo loaded. If you can manage to navigate on foot to the perimeter of the National Mall, you encounter an enormous fencing apparatus, complete with barbed wire.

Question: does anyone with a media job find this situation to be worthy of some further inquiry? Or in other words, worthy of questioning the premise of why such an extravagantly intensive military presence is allegedly necessary? Is it proportionate to the scale of the purported threat? Has the nature of the threat itself — whatever that might be, exactly — been adequately probed to determine whether it is grounded in reality? Already a bunch of purported threats initially trumpeted across the media with the usual five-alarm-five hysteria have dissipated in short order, so there is perhaps some reason for doubt in that regard.

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