US: CDC Reports that 2.8% of Those who Take the COVID-19 RNA Jab had Serious or Debilitating Injuries


Dr. Vernon Coleman, a retired medical doctor from the UK, discovered a document published by the CDC on anaphylaxis following an injection of the RNA COVID-19 vaccine that shows by December 18, a total of 112,807 people received the RNA vaccine. 3,150 of that group were “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.” In short, 2.79% of people who received the COVID RNA vaccine had serious and/or debilitating reactions within days of receiving the shot. The vaccines have just been deployed, so long-term problems are still unknown. Dr. Coleman calculated that, if 60-million people in the UK take the vaccine, 1.67-million people would be expected to be unable to work, unable to do normal daily activities and would require care. -GEG

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CDC Report on Vaccines

CDC Report:

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3 years ago

The real problems may not as yet have surfaced. That is why 5 years is the very minimum for testing a medication before release to the public, better 10 years.