More Evidence of Election Fraud!

Jovan Pulitzer, Wiki
Jovan Pulitzer, a technology inventor of the Q-code scanner, exposed more evidence of election fraud through kinematic artifacts, which refers to evidence on paper due to bends or folds. He says that he would be able to detect if ballots had been folded, if ballots were filled out by hand or a machine, if ballots were counterfeit, or if ballots were batch-fed over and over. Pulitzer said it is disturbing that there is no paper trail for Georgia’s contested ballots, especially since it is federal law to keep the ballots, which are the property of the taxpayer, for 22 months. He said that, in Fulton County where election workers were captured on video feeding ballots into machines multiple times, there was a 93.67% vote adjudication rate, which is unacceptable because it is impossible. In 2018, the national voting machine adjudication rate was 2.7%. After Pulitzer gave his testimony to the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, they unanimously passed a motion to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots. It was reported that within four hours, trucks picked up the contested ballots, and they may have been destroyed. -GEG

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U.S.A.-( On 30 December 2020, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer gave a presentation to the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, on how he and his company can detect many types of election fraud with a simple, easy examination of the physical ballots, by running them through forensic machines designed to detect physical signatures of the ballots. Pulitzer is a pattern recognition expert holding over 200 patents. His patents are used on 12 billion handheld devices around the world.

They would not be looking at handwritten signatures. Those are not on the ballots. The would-be detecting physical signatures of folding, printing, marking and codes that exist on the paper used for the ballot.  Every physical process done to a ballot leaves marks. Those minuscule marks, often invisible to the human eye, are the physical signatures Mr. Pulitzer is talking about.

This physical forensic audit of the paper ballots completely circumvents the election software. From a comment on

Sorry if I’m repeating something…

His method is to examine the folds on the paper ballot.

These ballots were folded by machine, and each valid one
was folded identically.

He can run the ballots through a device, and it will spit out
the ballots that weren’t folded by an official machine.

If they slipped fake ballots in, his system will pick it
up at once.

He claims his process can tell you, with 100% accuracy:

  • How many ballots were printed by what machine.
  • How many ballots were mailed.
  • How many ballots were filled out by machine.
  • How many ballots were counted more than once.
  • How many ballots were scanned more than once.
  • What candidates were marked on all the ballots in the categories above.
  • What ballots went through adjudication

One of the slides in Mr. Pulitzer’s presentation shows a quote from a Fulton County Election official, saying 106,000 of 113,130  votes were adjudicated, an astounding 93.67% adjudication rate. Pulitzer says that the high adjudication rate shows the machines were not working as they should. This shows similarities with high adjudication rates in Michigan and Nevada, and potentially in Arizona and Wisconsin.

He claims his process can do the forensic analysis quickly and cheaply, for all paper ballots.

Mr. Pulitizer has volunteered to do the forensic evaluation of the paper ballots for free. He has donated his time, expertise, equipment, and company assets.

He says he does not care who wins. He simply wants to ensure an accurate count is made, so this never happens again.

He says, without faith in the election process, we do not have a country.

While Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was giving his testimony to the subcommittee, more information came in. Voting was ongoing in the runoff elections for Senators in Georgia. There is a Twitter video of what Pulitzer had to report.

Twitter link about ability to hack into the Georgia machines live.

Here is a partial transcript of what Pulitzer reported at that time:

“At this very moment, at a polling locating in the County, not only do we now have access to the devices, to the poll pad, the system, but we are in.  And it is not supposed to have wifi, and that is not supposed to be able to happen, So we’ve documented now, its communicating two ways, in real time,  mean it is receiving data and sending data, should never happen, shouldn’t be wifi, we’ve now documented it in real time, so we can shut down the data. But that is going on right there where everyone is voting. And, I just wanted to get it into the record.”

Read full article here…

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3 months ago

Did they find the ballots so they could be tested?

Bob Painter
Bob Painter
3 months ago

Let’s see you have direct evidence, concrete proof. Now you have to get someone to enforce the law (the feds won’t) then you have to get an honest judge to rule on the law, not social engineering (there are none). Then if you get that far it will never get into the supreme court. So time to find or make a new country and “reset” to 1860 before lincoln ruined it and set our path for today.