It Was a Stunt: Senate Republicans Never Intended to Save Trump’s Presidency

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Youtube
Revolver, a conservative website, makes the case that Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz never intended to expose the massive voter fraud in the presidential election when they vowed to refuse to certify the Electoral College vote. The Senators failed to call out the Democrats’ dramatic expansion of early voting and ballot harvesting that were used to steal the election. Nor did they call out Joe Biden’s victory as illegitimate. The 10-day audit requested by the Senators did not allow enough time for an investigation, and nothing could have come from it. They were grandstanding and risked nothing. Ultimately, there is no one coming to save President Trump by making a real effort, as none want to risk professional ruin, criminal prosecution, or violence. -GEG

January 6th has become a rallying cry for millions of proud patriots who hope that the Congress will reject globalist Joe Biden’s ill-begotten electors and restore President Trump to four more years in the White House. Are Republican Senators suddenly our knights in shining armor? Sadly, we do not believe this to be the case. It appears that Republican Senators have chosen to do nothing more than a publicity stunt that they believe will mollify and pacify the Republican base and boost their respective standings in the horserace for the 2024 elections.

Why do we believe this to be the case?

First, just take a look at the joint statement released by Republican Senators, which are so watered down with qualifications and weasel words that they amount to almost nothing.

The 2020 election … featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations and lax enforcement of election law, and other voting irregularities.

By any measure, the allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election exceed any in our lifetimes.

And those allegations are not believed just by one individual candidate. Instead, they are widespread. Reuters/Ipsos polling, tragically, shows that 39% of Americans believe ‘the election was rigged.’ That belief is held by Republicans (67%), Democrats (17%), and Independents (31%). [Office of Sen. Ted Cruz]

Here’s Senator Ron Johnson’s personal statement.

There’s so many irregularities here. There’s so many allegations that need a full investigation. That’s really why I signed on Ted Cruz’s effort. Let’s at least do a 10-day emergency investigation. Let’s organize this, let’s lay it out for the American public. [Office of Sen. Ron Johnson]

Instead of actually alleging fraud himself, Johnson is just requesting a “full investigation” of “allegations” by other people, allegations Johnson and his colleagues will never have to the courage to repeat themselves.

Republican Senators refuse to say, “This election was rigged from the start, and Joe Biden’s electoral college ‘victory’ is therefore illegitimate.” Instead, they are as meek as possible. They do not call the Democrats’ dramatic expansion of early voting and ballot harvesting what it is: the perfect weapon to steal an election right out from under the public’s nose. Instead, Republicans sound practically apologetic from the beginning: “Please, Democrats, we’d just like to maybe have a short investigation of the election, just to make sure everything was fair.”

These Republican Senators do not have the courage to actually declare that the election was hopelessly rigged, the results are unreliable, and that Joe Biden’s victory was illegitimate.

Check out Kelly Loeffler’s statement:

“Elections are the bedrock of our democracy and the American people deserve to be 100% confident in our election system and its outcomes. But right now, tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way in which the November Presidential election was conducted — and I share their concerns.” [WRCB]

Loeffler, just like her colleagues, wishes to hide behind “the concerns” of “millions of Americans” so that she doesn’t actually have to stand for something.

The jig is up. These Republicans Senators want to pacify the “concerns” of “millions of Americans” who support Trump by limply and halfheartedly protesting the election for a few hours before the Republican Party rolls over and certifies a Joe Biden win.

The Republican Party is not united. They do not have the will to declare Biden’s “victory” illegitimate and President Trump the winner, even though they do have that power. And anyone telling you otherwise is a liar or deceived.

If the dozen or so Republican Senators who plan to object were serious about defending President Trump, they would be putting the heat on Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate surrender caucus, as well as the quisling Republican legislatures and governors that certified Joe Biden electors despite rampant fraud and improprieties in the administration of the November elections.

But they won’t. They instead want to kick the can down the road just long enough to avoid admitting or accepting blame for the final outcome. At heart, none of them want to take real risks for the sake of Trump and his voters. They prefer a position of secure inferiority under a Biden administration to actually wielding real transformative power, and they prefer accepting an illegitimate defeat to taking any kind of risk to win a legitimate victory.

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Maryland Patriot
Maryland Patriot
1 month ago

I have no respect for “snakes.” If you’re not going to do something don’t lie and say you are; at least have the guts and integrity to say that you aren’t. I don’t know specifically about Cruz and Hawley (I’ll wait for some confirmation on that), but RINO after RINO betrayed Trump. The worst betrayal of all was by Mike Pence, the fake “man of G-d.” Can you imagine how TOTALLY CORRUPT our federal government is when ALL THREE branches of government are SO TERRIFIED that ONE HONEST PATRIOT–PRESIDENT TRUMP–Is going to expose the corruption, that they violate their oaths,… Read more »

1 month ago

Switzerland is looking better all the time.

1 month ago

This is an excellent point. I didn’t even consider it because I don’t know politics and proceedings. It sounds really patriotic coming from Ted, but your point is fierce !

Tony M
Tony M
1 month ago

The Republicans are not united. The Demo’s had the will to win at all cost, and anyway possible, even to breaking the law, and they did, and they’ve gotten away with it, (They spent 4 years making sure.) because the court’s and the Republican party didn’t have the guts to stand up for at least half the population of the country (probably more). They need to get a spine and fight for their country., Like the criminal Demo’s did.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tony M

@Tony M, The D’s have not gotten away with it. The game is still being played out and our courageous leader, almost against all odds and powerful;l adversaries, continues to move forward for the win we all deserve.

1 month ago

Yes, this is all stunning. This is one of my favorite sites. “Never disappoints.” I understand that after T takes his rightful place again that there will be new elections. By allowing this all to play out, the traitors have revealed themselves. Hopefully good riddance to Ted and his gutless, treasonous colleagues.

1 month ago

They are cowards of the worst kind. I regret ever having helped them, and I shall watch them disintegrate for what they have done. And for the Democrats, the snakes, we will watch them be drained from the earth as our heavenly Father has promised. It’s all in His timing. This corruption has been exposed in order for all to see, and now the time is ripe to end it finally! Thanks.