Catherine Austin Fitts Describes the Bigger Story Behind the Engineered COVID-19 Crisis

Catherine Austin Fitts, Youtube
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Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, delivers a jaw-dropping analysis of the COVID-19 theater. She says the COVID-19 crisis was engineered to look like a health issue but really is a plan to destroy the economic base of society and transform humanity into mindless and obedient workers in a system of technocratic slavery. She says digital currency and vaccines play an essential role in this transformation. [Be prepared to hear all the so-called fact checkers cry “false”, but hear her out and decide for yourself.] -GEG

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Summary by JW Williams

Catherine Austin Fitts, an investment banker and former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, explains that bankers want a digital monetary system that they can turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ as they try to bring an end to currencies. The bankers’ challenge is to bring in the digitized technocratic system without people realizing what is happening, and they are using COVID-19 to herd the sheeple into the slaughterhouse. COVID-19 is an invisible enemy, and they are generating fear to push us to the point where we need government to protect us from the invisible enemy. The ‘divide and conquer’ strategy is also being used against the people.

Globalists are manipulating the public using fear of COVID-19, and they can stop people from meeting and organizing through lockdowns and extreme surveillance via contact tracing. Transhumanism is intended to control behavior of the masses by creating an computer operating system within the body via COVID-19 vaccine injections. These will deliver nano particles that will work like bar codes and, thereby, connect humans directly to the financial system. Lockdowns also serve the purpose of crashing small and medium business, creating debt entrapment for people who cannot pay their bills, while big-box stores have been allowed to stay open and are making enormous profits. Billionaires have increased their net wealth by 27% since April.

She says that groups of globalist technocrats are working together to institute a slavery trap; the pillars of their system include tech people building the digital systems, the military is in charge of dominating space and deploying vaccines under Operation Warp Speed, Big Pharma is manufacturing vaccines that can modify DNA, the media is pouring out propaganda, and the central banks are engineering cryptocurrency systems.

This is just a sampling of the information that is brought to the surface in this interview.

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2 years ago

Very enlightening woman.
I always Learn a lot when I listen to her.
Not the most cheerful news on earth, but it’s truth.
Let us pray that Biden will have no part in the future of the USA, or we are all in the mire.
Canada speaking!

2 years ago

Excellent video. Definitely … listen up.

2 years ago

very good website i’m not the most clever guy in the world it all seems to be in order and very interesting.