Brazil Says ‘NO’ to Great Reset: “Totalitarian Social Control Is Not the Remedy for Any Crisis”

Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araujo, Youtube
Brazil: Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araujo rebuked the Word Economic Forum’s plan for a “great reset” of society and the global economy in a speech before the United Nations special session on COVID-19 on December 3. Mr. Arujo said, “Those who dislike freedom always try to benefit from moments of crisis to preach the curtailing of freedom. Let’s not fall for that trap. Totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis. Let’s not make democracy and freedom one more victim of COVID-19.” In April, Arujo, a fierce opponent of globalist ideologies, wrote, “globalism replaces socialism as a preparatory stage for communism.” Araujo’s views that climate-change science and globalism are tools for spreading Marxist ideologies, along with his pro-nationalistic beliefs, have made him unpopular with internationalists.

The great reset agenda calls for complete restructuring of society where the people own nothing and we all live in a “citizen-centered welfare state” while governments and “stakeholders” own and control the means of production. Privacy will be non-existent because invasive technologies will lead us toward “a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities,” according to Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. China is leading the way with social-credit scores that uses public shaming, limited access to services and travel, and control over information. -GEG

Brazil’s minister of foreign affairs says “no” to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) proposed “great reset” agenda, telling the United Nations (UN) special session on COVID-19 that “totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis.”

“Those who dislike freedom always try to benefit from moments of crisis to preach the curtailing of freedom. Let’s not fall for that trap” — Ernesto Araujo

On December 3, Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araujo rebuked the WEF’s technocratic “great reset” of society and the global economy in a recorded speech before the special session of the UN.

Although Araujo did not say the words “great reset” or “World Economic Forum” during his speech to the UN, he made it abundantly clear in a tweet the following day that he was referring to the “great reset” agenda in his speech.

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Harald Scharnhorst
Harald Scharnhorst
10 days ago

It is always refreshing to hear actual people in government say things like this.
It appears Brazil may be more prone to freedom than the left-heading US! Such a shame for us!

Boa Sorte, Brasil!

10 days ago

So far I count only TWO high “officials” of fictitious nations who speak against the “global reset” and “global totalitarianism” that is coming towards us at warp 9.9 or faster. This guy and the president of Mexico. Nobody else? How sad! However, this does say something very important for those few humans who still have a brain in their head and the energy to apply what their brain thinks in the real, physical world. It says “put Brazil and Mexico on your list of places to move”. And the way things are going, I highly suggest moving within the next… Read more »

Last edited 10 days ago by bootstrap
10 days ago

good for Brazil lets hope more countries join them and say NO to
the globalists and communism

Bruce Bennington
Bruce Bennington
9 days ago

Two of the biggest problems I see, in general, are that people believe what they are told, (from the MSM and people in positions of public trust – whom we should be able to believe) and that they don’t know the enemy very well.

9 days ago

I doubt many minds will be changed. As a believer, I wish that all would believe for several reasons, but most importantly God loves us and wants the best for us, but – He lets us make our own choices and will honor those choices. Many have chosen against God, but that just shows you who you are working with. ‘The fool says in his heart that there is no God.’