Antifa Continues to Riot After Democrats Take Power

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Since Biden was inaugurated last week, Antifa militants have taken to the streets of Seattle. They have vandalized and looted the historic Starbucks, a Democratic Party office, and numerous local businesses. Seattle’s police Chief Adrian Diaz says it is becoming clear that the protests have no real cause. Local law enforcement announced plans to crack down on the violence and property damage but failed to follow through.

Last Saturday in Tacoma at around 6 pm, about 100 people gathered to watch a street race and, in so doing, blocked traffic. When police arrived, a police cruiser was immediately surrounded by the crowd while some banged on the windows. The police SUV was video recorded ramming into people and actually running over a man. When the video went viral, Antifa rioters descended on Tacoma, starting fires and trashing buildings. Journalist Andy Ngo said that the destruction was done by out-of-towners from Seattle and other nearby areas.

Most Democrat politicians refuse to condemn riots by Antifa and BLM, and these rioters are not punished. Journalist Jason Rantz says Antifa organizes in the open over Twitter and Facebook, and its members publicly declare their intentions to wreak havoc. It’s the textbook definition of domestic terrorism, but Democrat interest in domestic terrorism is focused only on their opponents, the great majority of whom are peaceful. The consequence is that violence will spread. -GEG

Antifa violence and chaos made its journey to Tacoma, Wash., on Sunday evening January 24, just a 40 minute drive south of Seattle in the state’s third largest city.

Several hours later, the radicals destroyed the storefronts of local businesses, smashed cars, tried to break fencing around the local jail with demands prisoners be set free, torched an American flag, and threatened to kill cops.

This was inevitable.

The “direct action,” code word activist’s violent rampages, won’t stop in Tacoma or even the Pacific Northwest, a hotbed of this criminal activism.

After months of ignoring, downplaying, or even justifying left-wing violence, these radical, criminal activists feel empowered. Can you blame them? They’re seeing policy wins, while avoiding serious consequences for their criminality.

The latest “peaceful protest” was instigated by a dramatic, viral video showing a Tacoma Police officer driving out of a mob of people that swarmed his patrol SUV. He was responding to calls about a crowd of about 100 who assembled to watch drivers illegally run doughnuts and burnouts.

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9 months ago

Antifa promised that they would continue to riot NO MATTER WHO WON, they are true to their commie word.

Vicktor Youngblood
Vicktor Youngblood
9 months ago

The left has given the green light to this type of mayhem and anarchy. The longer this type of behavior is justified by the far left and the media, the more severe and destructive it will become, and the harder it will be to put an end to it. This country has a serious problem when media outlets are directly responsible for a lot of these problems because they fan the flames of discontent.

Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams
9 months ago

Burn baby burn, disco inferno. Maybe if those liberal democrats enforced the law when this shit started in the summer they wouldn’t be in this situation now. Hey, you get what you voted for. I’m sure biden will save them.