Analysis of Ashli Babbit Shooting Videos Suggests Coordinated Actions by Leftists

John Sullivan, Youtube
Japanese investigator Misako Ganaha shows that events in the Capitol last week surrounding the death of Airforce veteran Ashli Babbitt appear to be a coordinated effort between several people who participated in knocking out the window that Babbitt tried to jump through when she was shot. Ganaha identified a man in a fur-lined winter hat who appeared to agitate the crowd, and then was handed a helmet by a man draped in a yellow Gadsden flag. The vandal finally changed his outfit on the stairway to avoid being linked with stirring up trouble and breaking windows.

One of the videos Gahana analyzed was from Jayden X, a YouTube channel that belongs to John Sullivan, the founder of InsurgenceUSA, who is affiliated with Black Lives Matter and held an anti-Trump rally just before the the event at the Capitol. She says that, immediately after Babbitt was shot, Sullivan began shouting that she was dead. She believes this was an effort to arouse the anger of Trump supporters with the intent of causing a violent reaction. -GEG

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4 days ago

Thank you for posting this. It needed to be said. I knew something was fishy when I saw the video. Now websites like Info Wars have me guessing. Especially when I saw that one of the ‘reporters’ from info wars was in the video right when it happened.