Vaccines Meant to Affect the Brain Can Be Delivered through Nasal Swabs Without Our Knowledge

Covid nasal swab test, Wiki
It is unknown whether the existing nanotechnology for drug delivery has been used to deliver Covid-19 vaccines. This article describes several methods of delivery that include intranasal administration that can bypass the blood-brain barrier and deliver chemicals directly to the brain. Hydrogel nanosystems can adhere to mucous in the nose for the purpose of increasing the period of contact with the nasal mucosa and enhance drug absorption. Johns Hopkins University researchers developed tiny, star-shaped “theragrippers” that mimic the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines. Some critics suggest that these nano-devices already have been deployed in theCOVID-19 tests that use nasal swabs. -GEG
by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu:

I don’t know if they do it, because no independent researchers examine those swabs, but I have always pointed out that our overlords seem more concerned with testing than with vaccinating. Almost like the vaccines were the bait and tests were the switch. And now we also know they totally CAN do
Just follow the science below.

Scientific research paper excerpt:

Methods: Intranasal administration is a non-invasive metod of drug delivery that may bypass the BBB [blood brain barrier], allowing therapeutic substances direct access to the brain. However, intranasal administration produces quite low drug concentrations in the brain due to limited nasal mucosal permeability and the harsh nasal cavity environment. Pre-clinical studies using encapsulation of drugs in nanoparticulate systems improved the nose to brain targeting and bioavailability in brain. However, the toxic effects of nanoparticles int he brain are unknown.

Read full article here…

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Study: Woman Suffers Brain Injury from COVID Cotton Swab Test – Medical Kidnap – Missouri Free Press
1 month ago

[…] Vaccines Meant to Affect the Brain Can Be Delivered through Nasal Swabs Without Our Knowledge – Need to Know News […]

1 month ago

I’ve been saying this for decades, but finally it is getting so egregious and so obvious that others are starting to believe me. Namely, the so-called “healthcare industry” is currently more about destroying the health of their customers than improving health. And they are doing things in such extremely and egregiously tricky ways that one is best to NEVER seek help from anyone in the healthcare industry … especially larger organizations (like hospitals). But at this point, even going to regular old independent doctors is dangerous. You are much better off doing your own research and taking care of yourself… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  bootstrap

You are absolutely right.

1 month ago

Thank you so much for this article.

16 days ago

PHARMACEUTICAL-DRIVEN BIOSECURITY MILITARY AGENDA DESIGNED TO ENSLAVE US This scheme to vaccinate the world is evil, it’s deadly, and it is exactly what the book of Revelation warns us about. The end result will be a true global enslavement to the state where all of our actions are catalogued, every move we make followed, every conversation listened to as the One World Government that is now rising takes over. None of this is science, the mandated mask wearing, standing 6 feet apart, it is all a psyop to control us, and guess what? It is succeeding beyond the wildest dreams… Read more »

6 days ago

Now all the testing makes sense, world Governments already had millions of the RT-PCR tests dispatched around 2017. Now in Australia with border closures happening a lot that now residents returning to their own state have to be tested 3 times while in quarantine, only use to be once. ClinPath CEO from Australia wanted to do RT-PCR themselves and was told that will never happen, even though decades of testing blood. Maybe would have realise that the Stop Cycle is to high or even to low hence inadequate readings why so many False Positives. There is another fact the only… Read more »