Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Reveals Results of Election Fraud Hearings in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona

Suitcase full of hidden ballots, Youtube
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Last week, there were five separate election-fraud hearings that featured dozens of eye witnesses who testified, under penalty of perjury, that they saw election fraud crimes such as bogus ballots, back-dated ballots, deliberate tabulation errors, non-citizen votes, votes from dead people, and voter intimidation. These crimes were observed in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said that, in Georgia, suitcases full of hidden ballots added late at night, which was recorded by surveillance video, added about 148,000 votes for Biden and 7,000 for Trump. Other instances of fraud caused the state legislature to file a petition to select the Electoral College electors for their state, as prescribed by the Constitution. Giuliani said that Michigan and Arizona also plan to have the state legislatures choose their electors, a move that, likewise, will go to the Supreme Court for approval.

Wisconsin has an absentee-ballot law that also requires an application for the ballot to be valid. This state, however, has approximately 50,000 ballots without applications that should be thrown out. He said that the fraud happened in “crooked” cities with crooked courts. Giuliani said that huge fraud occurred in Detroit at 3:30 in the morning following Election Day when a truck pulled into the vote-counting station and delivered 100,000 phony ballots that were all counted for Biden. Simultaneously, about 70,000 ballots that were hidden under the table in Atlanta were scanned after poll watchers were told to go home. Meanwhile, mainstream media continues to deny the evidence, which includes over 1,000 affidavits detailing massive fraud across the US. The FBI should be at the center of this investigation but is nowhere to be found. -GEG

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Robert Beiswenger
Robert Beiswenger
1 year ago

Thank you so much for providing truthful information during these times of biased and deceptive journalism. The depth of political corruption is hard to comprehend because it is so massive.

nick Bustamante
nick Bustamante
1 year ago

I only believe in Truth and there is No way the Elections
were not full of Fraud…God is watching and he will punish those
who Cheat and Lie….as well as those who support them…

Jim Ronan
Jim Ronan
1 year ago

Great work and deeply appreciated

Ron Corbyn
Ron Corbyn
1 year ago

Rudy Giuliani, who must be exhausted, and his team have done a superb job of exposing the 2020 election fraud. He sounds like a true patriot and has been, during these state legislative hearings, called the “mayors’ mayor.” But, based on his interview by Peter Jennings of ABC, he clearly knew that WTC 1 and 2 were going to collapse on the morning of 9-11-01, something unprecedented in history for steel-frame high-rise buildings. He denied it later, but it’s on videotape! Moreover, donning a kippah in Jerusalem in 1989, here is this prospective NYC mayor, ostensibly a Catholic but no… Read more »

Pete Smith
Pete Smith
1 year ago

Doesn’t matter how much evidence is presented the Left leaning Courts won’t even read the evidence. If the Judge through all of the evidence out in the Jack Ruby trial he would have gone free.