The Fraud Behind the COVID-19 Theater is Exposed by the CDC Itself

The CDC admits in a paper that was updated on December 1, 2020, that it has failed to obtain an isolated virus, which is a smoking gun that the virus is a hoax! The CDC paper says: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA …” Journalist Jon Rappoport points out that “no quantified virus isolates” means no viruses were isolated. The statement that no ‘quantified’, or measured, viruses were available means that the CDC has no virus. There is no virus. [Repeat this until it sinks in: There is no virus.] -GEG

CDC document published by the FDA (see page 42):


From Jon Rappoport:

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article, in which I exposed the fact that the CDC does not have the COVID coronavirus in its possession, because it is “unavailable.” Their word, not mine.

The CDC is admitting the virus hasn’t been isolated. In other words, its existence is unproven.

You need to realize the CDC, during its own published confession (see below), is discussing this explosive situation in the context of instructing the world how to perform the PCR test.

The test to detect a virus that isn’t there.

This would be on the order of NASA issuing a guide for navigating a fleet of ships to a planet whose existence has not been established—and the population of the whole world is going to board those ships for the voyage.

The CDC is saying: here is how you detect the virus in a human, here is the test on which we’re going to rely, here is the test on the basis of which we’re going to identify all case numbers and demand all lockdowns—except we don’t have the virus.

Why don’t they have it?

Because they can’t isolate it. That’s obvious.

If they could isolate it, they would.

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