Oregon Doctor’s License Suspended Over His Refusal to Wear a Mask

Dr. Steven LaTulippe, MD, had his license suspended because he refuses to wear a face mask. The Oregon Medical Board issued the suspension after finding that LaTulippe “engaged in unprofessional conduct or dishonorable conduct” after he allegedly advised a patient not be tested for Covid-19, and that wearing a mask does not prevent transmission. Dr. LaTulippe and his staff reportedly refused to wear masks in the clinic and urged patients to remove their own masks. The medical board ruled that LaTulippe “constitutes an immediate danger to the public, and presents a serious danger to the public health and safety.”

Several weeks ago, a video surfaced of Dr. LaTulippe dismissing Covid as a “common cold” at a “Stop the Steal” rally outside the State Capitol in Salem. He said politicians are using Covid as a vehicle to shut down the American people and he encouraged everyone to take off the “mask of shame.” -GEG

The medical license of an Oregon doctor who refused to wear a face mask despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been revoked weeks after a video surfaced of him dismissing Covid-19 as a “common cold.”

Steven LaTulippe made the comments Nov. 7 during a “Stop the Steal” rally in support of President Donald Trump outside the State Capitol in Salem.

“I want to expose what I call corona mania,” LaTulippe said in a video posted on YouTube by the political group Multnomah County Republicans.

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