Catholic Priest, Who Was a Moderna Vaccine Volunteer, Suddenly Died

Father John Fields, Obituary
Pennsylvania: Father John Fields, 70, recently participated in the trials of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, after receiving an email from the University of Pennsylvania at the end of August, asking if he wished to “participate in the third and final phase” of the vaccine trial. It is not known whether his death was related to Moderna’s vaccines. A pro-life organization, Children of God for Life, reported in May that there was a “20% ‘serious’ injury rate” in early trials. The Moderna vaccine uses cells from aborted babies in its formulation. It is an RNA vaccine that has never been used before. An unidentified volunteer in the AstraZeneca/ Oxford vaccine trial in Brazil died in October. The cause of death is still unknown – or at least not reported. AstraZeneca’s phase-3 clinical trial was put on hold in early September after a participant in the UK developed a spinal cord injury. -GEG

A Ukranian Greek-Catholic priest, who was previously a volunteer in the testing of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, has died suddenly in his home. It is still unclear if the 70-year-old’s death is related to the vaccine.

Fr. John Fields was the Communications and Religious Education Director for the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, which is part of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Announcing his death, the Archeparchy stated that Fr. Fields “has passed away in his home. The cause of death is yet to be determined.” Fr. Fields turned 70 this year.

Just recently, Fields had participated in the trials of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, after receiving an email from the University of Pennsylvania at the end of August, asking if he wished to “participate in the third and final phase” of the vaccine trial.

The Dialog reports that Fr. Fields had been very eager to participate in the trials, answering “yes” to the email: “It would be a great opportunity to fight this pesky virus that suddenly appeared and wreaked havoc throughout the world, bringing death and disrupting every aspect of our lives.”

He had been approached specifically due to his age, since he was in the age bracket the study team “deemed the higher risk group for the COVID-19 virus.” The first injection he received was on August 31, with the second on October 1.

Despite being asked to record any symptoms following the vaccination, Fr. Fields previously confirmed to The Dialog that he experienced none.

“I think of the researchers, who in only several months, as part of Operation Warp Speed, collectively used their knowledge and wisdom from Almighty God to achieve this medical milestone,” he had said. “I may be able [to] contribute in some small way to the development of an effective vaccine that would help stop this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the fear.”

Father Michael Hutsko, of Sts. Peter and Paul church in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, suggested that Fr. Fields had suffered “an apparent heart attack,” and the vicar general of the Archeparchy confirmed that Fr. Fields “did not have COVID-19.”

Archbishop Boris Gudziak of the Archeparchy said, “In our last conversation before Thanksgiving Father John was in good spirits and seemingly improving in his health.”

Moderna vaccine safety and ethical concerns

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna has promoted the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, but pro-life organization Children of God for Life reported in May that there was a “20% ‘serious’ injury rate” amongst those who had received a high dosage of the vaccine in early trials. The participants in the vaccine trial at that stage were also very selectively chosen, as Moderna “allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study.”

Members of an Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have been warning the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the public should be warned about the potential serious side effects from vaccines.

While Fr. Fields volunteered for the testing of the vaccine in its third stage trial phase, the Moderna vaccine does in fact use cells from aborted babies in its formulation.

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5 months ago

Well, that is what he gets for allowing himself to be injected with an aborted fetal cell based injection.

Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller
5 months ago

As a pharmacist (non-practicing) in my 50th year of medical research, I implore everyone to do their own due diligence before getting vaccinated. Remember, you can NEVER unvaccinate.

5 months ago

Following the same criteria as the cause of death for people who were diagnosed (or not) WITH the cv-19 virus as having DIED of the virus, EVERYONE who dies AFTER being vaccinated with one of the cv-19 vaccines should be listed as having DIED BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE!!

Robert Heuermann
Robert Heuermann
5 months ago

More More!! We all need MORE info to make a reasoned, informed decision. Public disclosure of the complications and results of the vaccination trials is mandatory. If this entire pandemic episode has taught us anything it is that the State cannot be trusted.

5 months ago

Never take the vaccination, never.
It will do damage to you that you won’t discover until it’s too late.

Elaine Woodriff
Elaine Woodriff
5 months ago
Reply to  Kdw

I would like to add – never take ANY vaccination.