Tucker Carlson Lists Democrats’ Plans To Destroy The American Republic & Permanently Lock In Power

Tucker Carlson says that Democrats are set to control the House and Executive branches of government, however, Trump has yet to concede, and his court cases are not complete. If Democrats win the run-off election for two Senate seats in Georgia, they will control the Senate. If Democrats take control over all three branches of government, they have plans to pass the Heroes Act that will allow the party to take a permanent Democrat majority. Illegal aliens would receive stimulus checks. Federal inmates with ‘health conditions’ will be released. States will receive a $500-million grant to release inmates. Financial services will be based on race. If Democrats take the Senate, legislation would no longer take 60 votes to pass, because the filibuster would be eliminated, and Democrats will be able to pass anything they want. They will pass a total gun-confiscation program and to pack the courts. -GEG