New York: Erie County Sheriffs Were Compelled to Abandon Their Attempt to Shutdown Meeting of Business Owners

New York: Erie County Sheriff Deputies leave business owners' meeting, Youtube
A group of local business owners met at a CrossFit gym near Buffalo, New York, on Friday night to discuss how to navigate the state’s new COVID-19 guidelines that limit hours, number of customers, and access to their establishments. Several Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies and Health Department officials came inside and attempted to disperse the crowd claiming the meeting was in violation of Governor Cuomo’s new 10-person-or-less rule for public gatherings. The crowd stood its ground and demanded the police and county workers leave because they were on private property and not welcome. Law enforcement complied, apparently because they did not have an arrest warrant. -GEG

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1 month ago

Government cronies can meet… like Newscum and his medical psycho doctors… but not you the person paying their luxurious paychecks…. you paid for the elaborate get together too…

1 month ago

It is good to get this type of resistance known. It seems any group planning to meet should be better prepared: 1. Post a Private Property $5000 Entry Fee Notice: Notice To All including PUBLIC EMPLOYEES (inspectors, officers, etc.) This is Private Property requiring an Owner provided Entry Admission Ticket or $5000 cash per person at the door/gate/entry. Violators will be prosecuted under US criminal and civil code. —Such a notice provides for damages to seek in court rather than a judge asking how you were actually harmed by the presence of public employees. Further, a group should have better… Read more »