Leftists Launch a Program to Intimidate Their Opponents into Silence by Compiling and Publishing a List of Trump Supporters

Radical Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, left-wing Democrats, and Never Trump Republicans called for compiling lists of Trump supporters to be named, shamed and blacklisted for supporting President Donald Trump. The Trump Accountability Project database is archiving the names of individuals who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” President Donald Trump. Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin tweeted that any Republican who challenges the results of the presidential election should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society.

At the behest of ‘squad’ member and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a blacklist of “Trump sycophants”—entitled “The Trump Accountability Project”—is archiving the names of individuals who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” President Donald Trump.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future,” the US representative tweeted Friday afternoon.

“Yes, we are,” answered former Obama administration staffer Michael Simon, citing the Trump Accountability Project. “Every Administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them — everyone.”

On the website’s landing page, it urges that “[w]e must never forget those who helped further the Trump agenda,” adding that “the world should never forget those who, when faced with a decision, chose to put their money, their time, and their reputations behind separating children from their families, encouraging racism and anti-Semitism, and negligently causing the unnecessary loss of life and economic devastation from our country’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The site is a self-described “permanent record” of those who elected the president, including Trump campaign staffers, Republican National Committee members, and affiliated PACs in 2016 or 2020.

Individuals who donated a “significant amount”—$1000 or more—in efforts to re-elect the president and related campaign committees are also blacklisted.

Others who worked in the Trump administration; endorsed the president in a public light; were appointed to federal boards, commissions, or the judiciary; and staffed law firms that represented the Trump name in any capacity are named.

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
20 days ago

These are the leftists who are calling for unity; YOU need to be a good little misguided conservative and embrace Joe Biden’s corruption and authoritarianism. However, WE can keep being as nasty and divisive as we want to be as we silence and purge you and your ideas from our society. I am increasingly doubtful that we will be able to coexist peacefully with these people.

19 days ago

This is the 4th Communist International’s coup d’etat against the U.S. now in progress using all the ‘useful idiots’ to achieve it, who will then all be eliminated once their usefulness has ended. Waiting in the wings to do this and take over are the Schizoidal Psychopaths and Essential Psychopaths bent on forwarding their macro-social evil agendas UNLESS Americans prevent it. Time is now (not through violence).

19 days ago

Mr Griffin, can you confirm that photo of Cortez holding up a Karl Marx photo is genuine? I passed it on and was informed its a fake. Would love to clarify its authenticity or otherwise.

15 days ago

I’m a Nobody supporter, but if it gets me on another list, by ALL means – add me!