Is COVID-19 Being Blamed for 5G Radiation Sickness?

Tokyo Bay, Japan: Japanese health officials pronounced that 10 persons on board the Diamond Princess were diagnosed as having Covid-19 on February 5, 2020. The ship was ordered quarantined for 14 days. Within 8 days, a total of 218 people were diagnosed with having Covid-19. A little known fact is that the Diamond Princess was sporting new 5G towers. Outbreaks were discovered only on the ships that had 5G installed.

Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D, performed a study comparing the average number of cases, deaths, and tests for Covid-19 in states with and without 5G. She reported that Covid cases are 95% higher and Covid deaths 126% higher in states with 5G than in states without 5G.

A Spanish study found that countries with 5G had 220% more Covid-19 infections than countries without 5G. San Marino, a micro-state next to Italy, was the first European state to adopt 5G technology and had virtually no regulations on its use. San Marino now has the highest incident of Covid-19 in Europe, with a rate 27 times greater than the infection rate in Croatia, which is free from 5G. [Coincidence? We don’t think so, either.] -GEG

On February 5, the Diamond Princess was boarded at port Yokohama in Tokyo Bay by Japanese health officials. Those health officials pronounced that 10 persons on board were diagnosed as having coronavirus, later known as COVID-19. The ship was ordered quarantined for 14 days. Nobody could leave the ship during the quarantine period. Within 3 days another 125 passengers were diagnosed with having COVID-19). By February 13, a total of 218 people were diagnosed with having COVID-19.

A little known fact is that the Diamond Princess was sporting some new high tech 5G towers. An earlier news release explained that “Princess Cruises has announced a new dimension in its connectivity partnership with SES and will become the first global cruise ship fleet with early access to SES’s O3b mPOWER network augmenting the Princess Medallion Class experience as it scales across the fleet, according to a press release.” Cruise Industry News, February 3, 2020.

Is there a connection between the newly installed 5G network on the ship and the passengers being struck ill with coronavirus? It should be noted that only the Princess cruise line that had installed the 5G had outbreaks of COVID-19. In March 2020, the Grand Princess had outbreaks of COVID-19 before docking in San Francisco. The Ruby Princess was reported to have had an outbreak of COVID-19 involving 600 passengers prior to docking on March 19, 2020, at Sydney, Australia. All of those ships are Medallion Class ships with the new 5G tower connectivity from SES’s O3b mPOWER.

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1 month ago

read the invisible rainbow by arthur firstenberg
he explains the history of “EMR”and its effect
on humans written 2017

1 month ago

My takeaway: 5G is causing Covid 19 cases and Covid 19 may even be a smoke screen for 5G rollout. My question: Could 5G effects actually be what the elites are covering up and calling Covid? The 5G rollout has been associated with EMR symptoms by a number of commentators for some time, and I can’t recall the exact reference now but some alluded to Covid density being most prevalent in areas with a) poor grade air, &/or, b) 5G density. These ship example corroborate with that. Whilst I don’t think any of the ships had poor air similar ships… Read more »

Bill Goode
Bill Goode
1 month ago

How can a virus hoax be the cause of 5G Radiation Sickness? I’m sure the 5G radiation sickness is real, because radiation sickness has been around for decades. But Covid-19 has never actually been isolated or identified. All the claims of isolation and identification of Covid-19 are based on the faulty use of PCR tests.
Covid-19 is a hoax and a fraud. How can such a hoax be the cause of any real illness? It can’t.

1 month ago

Fascinating article. I read “The invisible Rainbow” and thought it was the best book I’ve seen in decades.

Ben Therelivforthem
Ben Therelivforthem
1 month ago

No wonder no quote unquote legit news sources are even discussing people who are unable to be vaccinated due to them already being immune compromised from damage from previous vaccines. Oh wait, immune compromised are quickly mentioned as they should be the 3rd group to get injected . We r not anti-vaxers. We are pro-healthy life as we can be, anti-sickness, anti-ignorance. 5g is a war weapon that kills all living creatures.