CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Pneumonia and Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

A recent CDC report revealed that hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths. Over 51,000 deaths from heart attacks and heart disease were counted as COVID-19 deaths. More than 10,000 patients that were counted as COVID-19 deaths were receiving hospice care and already expected to die from other causes. A CDC document states, “For 6% of all deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” One America News Network reported that the CARES Act that passed in March gives hospitals a 20% bonus on their diagnosis-related group, paid for by Medicare, which means that doctors are being paid to list deaths as coronavirus without any indication that the deaths were COVID-19 related. -GEG

CDC document (updated 11/12/20)

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Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson
18 days ago

That report, surprisingly coming from CDC, kind of knocks in the head the whole narrative of the “deadly coronavirus.” Not that anyone who is paying attention is surprised by the fact, just the admission by the CDC.

terry shead
terry shead
18 days ago

They are doing it in the uk, friend of mind father died of cancer, when he went to see the coroner for the death certificate, guess what he died of covid, he played up hell and they changed it, wake up people its all about Bill kill Gates and his F vaccination and control and money, of you.

Robert Zraick
Robert Zraick
18 days ago

This proves that thw Covid pandemic is a hoax. It is politically motivated. Liars will kill us.

17 days ago

The hospitals are killing untold thousands or more with ventilators. They kill 80% to 90% of those who they are jammed into … far more than die than others in the same condition who are not put on ventilators. But the hospitals get something like $39,000 for jamming those ventilators in … and then claiming the death was caused by COVID19. So this murderous practice is still common. And yes, this is willful mass murder.

Dan McElReavy
Dan McElReavy
12 days ago

Upstart lawyers, now is your moment! Jump on the burgeoning anti corruption Truth campaign. Those responsible for this massive fraud must be prosecuted. The general population have long been like children, easily frightened, gullible, and willing to do almost anything they are told. To abuse such power those in the Medical Industry wield is massive systemic child abuse, elder abuse, terrorism. The complicit media needs to be shut down. Those orchestrating this not only need life sentences, they also need to be stripped of all assets. We can pay off the national debt with all the fiat dollars thes criminals… Read more »