Left-Wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country If Democrats Lose Election

A 39-page document, Stopping the Coup: The Disruption Guide for 2020, reportedly produced by The Disruption-Project.org and spread about by ShutDownDC, both leftist organizations, was revealed. The document essentially provides instructions for staging a coup rather than trying to stop one, as it claims. The plan is to paralyze commerce and the government and to seize political power in the event that Democrats lose the election. The goal is to disrupt everyday life as an “incentive” to change the American system. Tactics include shutting down highways, disrupting commerce, conducting strikes and boycotts. The document states the need to “force some pillars of power (business, military, media, or other major institutions)” to side with them. As usual, they attempt to claim the moral high ground by claiming the violence they will unleash is necessary to put an end to white supremacy and capitalism.

[There is something very fishy about what appears to be a publicity-style announcement of what is, in essence, an act of treason. If anyone other than the professional terrorists pretending to be social warriors were to do this, they would be in prison within hours of publication – and so would those who fund and train them. Even the document that advocates this treason has a fishy smell to it. Instead of looking like a military strategy manual, which it claims to be, it is designed in attractive and happy-style headline fonts and blocks of pleasant colors. That suggests it is really designed for public consumption and that it’s real goal is, not to organize a revolutionary coup, but to convince the general public that, when what was organized months ago actually happens, it could be explained as a spontaneous uprising in response to the document.

[The creepy suspicion continues to grow that both sides of this election are confronting voters with a good-cop, bad-cop scenario in which the bad cop is deliberately offensive and threatening so the good cop will be seen as their friend. What if the plan all along is to get the “good guy” elected by a huge majority (largely created by revulsion to the “bad guys”), then have the bad guys and their friends embedded throughout government and corporations (what the document calls “pillars of power”) cause an intense wave of domestic terror so the good guy will be hailed as a hero when he calls for martial law – which is what both sides have been working toward all along. Martial law, proclaimed by the bad guy would be strongly opposed by the American people. However, if proclaimed by the good guy, there would be no objection from his supporters because there is violence in the streets and, after all, he is the good guy. Please forgive me for expressing my darkest suspicions. It will make me so happy if the next year proves them to be unfounded.] -GEG

Stopping the Coup: The Disruption Guide for 2020

Throughout U.S. history, national politics has moved back and forth between conservative and liberal poles. Nixon, Reagan, and Bush followed the civil rights movement; Trump followed Obama. Conservative backlash follows liberal “progress.” But neither pole has fully fulfilled the cries for justice amongst black, poor, indigenous, queer, trans, and marginalized peoples. Things seem to change, but in the end, so much remains the same.

This year, however, seems to be a flashpoint. We are at a moment in which many people have become so tired of the status quo that they have mobilized in the name of justice. From antiblack violence to pandemics, from environmental devastation to indigenous and queer and trans erasure, we’ve seen people stand up against injustice that affects all of us.

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Tom Callaghan
Tom Callaghan
1 month ago

Hello GEG – While I also suspect we will see Martial Law because of hostile and violent reaction to a Trump win, I am not understanding why this is considered a bad thing. Does imposition of Martial Law trigger additional laws or consequences? Could imposition of Martial Law allow for a different Coup to occur (say a Military coup)? What is your reasoning to oppose Martial Law?
Thank you,

1 month ago

GEG. Your comments at the beginning hit the nail on the head. It is all a ruse to get what the elites want and get the people to go along with it.
Just think, if Obama had declared that people must wear face diapers, what an outcry would have arisen…

1 month ago

I have been wondering the same thing myself! If Trump is control opposition, we are in big trouble! It is very hard to discern if he is really a good guy, or just playing us, I hope he is just playing with the Deep State to appear he is going along, but really intends to side with The People in the End. The fact they go so hard against him is a good sign. We’ll just have to wait and see.

1 month ago

I think that Trump supporters are all in on the LAW-AND-ORDER that Trump is running on, but I think Trump supporters would NOT accept Martial law as the answer (except on a very limited area)!

Wendy Woods
Wendy Woods
1 month ago

I love what your doing. I tried to share it to FB, but the article was reported as abusive. (Which means they won’t go against the left by posting it) I had my regular FB acct. suspended last night after posting a photo of Anna Makanju and Joe Biden.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
1 month ago

Exactly. Before a Zionist plutocracy under Noahide law can be established, the old pillars of society, namely , all the products of the hated “WASP” must be “neutralized” or removed altogether. After the Balkanization process results in chaos, martial law will be needed to restore order, ie … ZIONIST rule. At the fountain head of BOTH BLM/Antifa , AND the army of MAGA hats and “Q-Anons” lurks a singular beast agitating and channeling them all. It is the same beast that concocted and orchestrated 9/11. It is the same creature that came from Jeckyll Island. But it was spawned centuries… Read more »

Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly
1 month ago

Ed, I read your book The Creature years ago, in my 40’s, and have kept up with things through the FEE and others through the years starting when I was in junior high. My father managed an engineering group that designed instrumentation and telemetry packages on fighter aircraft, he had a large library and was involved in local politics and beyond. My brother and I have been in Mortgage Banking for years. Anymore I honestly don’t think humans are the only ones in control of the surface of the earth. I think the ruling class is working against the rest… Read more »