The World Health Organization Does a Backflip and Now Condemns COVID-19 Lockdowns

Dr. David Nabarro, the UK’s envoy to the World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned mass coronavirus lockdowns, slamming the global catastrophe caused by crashing the world economy. He further stated that there will be a doubling in the levels of world poverty and child malnutrition by 2021. Dr. Nabarro clearly stated, “We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of controlling this virus.” His declaration against lockdowns is in direct contrast to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who gave his full support to lockdowns, and even warned against lifting them too soon. WHO Health Emergency Director Mike Ryan is now also calling to avoid “punishing” lockdowns, now that the damage is done and the public is critical of the WHO’s recommendations.

The UK’s envoy to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) has condemned mass coronavirus lockdowns, slamming the “ghastly global catastrophe” caused by crashing the world economy.

Dr. David Nabarro from the W.H.O. appealed to world leaders on Saturday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus.

He claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.

This is in direct contrast to W.H.O. chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who as far back as April gave his full support to lockdowns, and even warned against lifting them too soon, as Breitbart News reported.

Then in August, Tedros praised several national governments including the UK, France, South Korea and Germany for “using all the tools at their disposal to tackle any new spikes” which included regional lockdowns.

Speaking to Andrew Neil of the Spectator magazine, Dr. Nabarro bemoaned the collapse of the international tourism industry and claimed there would be a “doubling” in the levels of world poverty and child malnutrition by 2021 as he warned that lockdowns make “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

“I want to say it again: We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of controlling this virus,” Dr. Nabarro said.

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Joe Biden, Governor Cuomo, Maxine Waters and other Dems Caught Without Masks, Despite Support for Mandatory Masks

Joe Biden has consistently pushed a “national mask mandate,” which effectively includes forcing others to wear a mask when they are outdoors. Yet, more than once, he has been caught without one. New York Governor Cuomo has also been caught violating his own mandatory mask orders on several occasions. Congresswoman Maxine Waters was confronted by a member of the public when she was caught outdoors with a bare face. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and state lawmaker Wendy Ullman laughed about wearing masks on camera for “political theater.” Democrats are calling for blind obedience to COVID-19 policies that are destroying America.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was conspicuously without his trademark face mask in a video shared by ABC News “20/20” reporter Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson on Sept. 14.

Just four days before, Biden had tweeted, “Do your part. Wear a mask,” along with an eerie video of himself putting one on.

Biden has consistently pushed a “national mask mandate,” which effectively includes forcing others to wear a mask when they are outdoors. Yet, more than once, he has been caught without one.

Of course, Biden should be free to choose whether he wears a mask or not, but deciding to not wear one doesn’t jive so well with his messaging.

On Tuesday morning, he tweeted, “Folks, we can save nearly 100,000 lives by the end of the year if everyone wears a mask in public. Do your part. Protect your neighbors. Wear a mask.”

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Patriot Shot Dead at Rally by Leftist Who Served as Bodyguard for Local News

Denver, Colorado: Lee Keltner, a veteran who attended a pro-police ‘Back the Blue’ rally, was fatally shot in the face after discharging bear spray in self defense at two men who confronted him at gunpoint, according to a witness. Keltner was photographed touching or slapping the face of the the alleged shooter, Matthew Robert Dolloff, before the shooting. The Denver Police claimed that the shooter was not Antifa but was a bodyguard for a local news station, KUSA. The second man was a producer for the news station and was released. KUSA said that they contracted through Pinkerton for private bodyguards, however, Dolloff is not licensed to be a security guard in Denver. Dolloff is a leftist activist who participated in the Occupy movement and bragged online about being confrontational with conservatives. Antifa celebrated in the street at the news of a Trump supporter being shot.

Matthew Robert Dolloff is a Colorado. man who was named in a jail booking report as the security guard who shot and killed a man at dueling protests in Denver.

The shooting left a man affiliated with the Patriot Rally dead. 9News confirmed it had contracted with the security guard.

Social media filled up with criticism of the news station for hiring a guard with left-wing views. A review of the social media accounts of Matthew Dolloff shows that he did post left-wing comments, unleashing an expletive against President Donald Trump and sharing Occupy Democrats and protest-related posts. He also liked posts favorable to Bernie Sanders. However, most of his social media posts relate to livestock and selling honey, eggs, and turkeys for a local farm.

“We don’t know if they were a security guard or authorized to carry a weapon,” police commander Joe Montoya said of the suspect in the initial news conference from the scene, but police later confirmed the suspect was a “private security guard.”

According to 9News, a “Patriot Rally” was scheduled that day and was met by a counter protest called “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive.” A local talk show host claimed the man who died was part of the Patriot rally and was “defending himself with bear spray.” However, a series of dramatic photos show the man who died was touching the face of the guard and then sprayed the bear spray at him before the guard opened fire. You can see the photos throughout this story but be aware that they are graphic. The deceased man is a Patriot Muster Militia supporter who hasn’t yet been named, according to social media posts.

Montoya said it wasn’t clear whether the victim was at the Patriot Rally or not.

The jail booking sheet spells the suspected shooter’s name incorrectly as Matthew Doloff, 30. It says he was booked for first-degree murder, and no bond was allowed. He has a court date on October 12.

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Nearly 50,000 Voters Receive Wrong Ballots In Ohio

According to Franklin County, 49,669 voters out of 237,498 – or just over 20%, received ballots which contained an incorrect congressional race. Others had the correct information but were inadvertently mailed to voters in the wrong precinct. President Trump cited this incident as proof of election fraud.

According to Franklin County, 49,669 voters out of 237,498 – or just over 20%, received ballots which contained an incorrect congressional race. Others had the correct information but were inadvertently mailed to voters in the wrong precinct, according to Politico.

The process to print, stuff the replacement ballots in envelopes and mail them was underway Friday, the Franklin County Elections Board announced.

The board also said it will mail postcards to all affected voters detailing the situation and highlighting voters’ options moving forward. Those options include voting in-person at the board’s offices on the city’s north side.

The elections board said multiple checks are in place to ensure only one voter can cast a ballot, including rejecting any replacement ballots if someone went ahead and voted in person. –Politico

President Trump took to Twitter to decry the errors, suggesting it’s a “Rigged Election!!!”

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Is Warren Buffet the Financier Behind Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter was founded by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and April Tometi after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2013. BLM was originally funded through the International Development Exchange (IDEX), as BLM is not a government sanctioned non-profit organization. Peter Buffett and his wife founded NoVo, a social justice foundation that has provided millions of dollars in funding to IDEX, with earmarks for Black Lives Matter. NoVo has also donated millions to the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), when BLM co-founder Alicia Garza worked there. Peter Buffett reportedly got his money from his father, Warren Buffett, who gifts stock in Liberty Latin America telecommunications each year to finance his children’s foundations.

In 2016, IDEX changed its name to Thousand Currents and became BLM’s financial sponsor. Thousand Currents hired and promoted Susan Rosenberg, a radical communist who participated in terror activities, to vice chairman of the Board of Directors. After this fact was publicized, Black Lives Matter was shuttled over to the Tides Network, which has more layers of obfuscation, and allows BLM to join a massive repository of projects that can be administered opaquely while donors can anonymously fund projects and reap tax benefits.

Update: List of many large businesses donated BLM.

In July of 2013, the seeds of the most powerful protest movement of the modern era were planted.

In a restless climate of nationwide demonstrations touched off by the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an activist named Alicia Garza uttered the phrase “Black lives matter.” A few months later, in October 2013, Garza took a job with an organization called the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the nonprofit immediately saw a dramatic increase in its funding from organizations tied to some of the wealthiest people in the world—people with names like Buffett, Soros, and Rockefeller.

This spring, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, the movement became a global interest: Some 1.1 million individual donations worth an estimated $33 million flowed into its coffers. Large corporations, especially in Silicon Valley and retail, have been quick to follow suit, with brands like Square, Ubisoft, Google, Spanx, Tom’s Shoes, Lululemon, Nike, and Anastasia Beauty all making six- and seven-figure organizational pledges.

The received wisdom, echoing the official mythology around Black Lives Matter Global Network Inc.—co-founded by Garza along with fellow activists Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors—is that BLM is a grassroots movement that rose up organically out of the widespread rage sparked by viral videos of Black American men killed by police officers. According to this account, the political priorities of activists in Brooklyn screaming at cops and calling to defund the police have been fused with those of suburban moms in Peloton T-shirts, hand-painting signs with their kids using the BLM hashtags of large multinational conglomerates—an unusual union of protesters and the corporate boardroom spurred on by nothing more than everyone’s shared outrage over racism.

There is, however, another version of events, in which the heartfelt dedication to racial justice is only the forward-facing side of a more complicated movement. Behind the street level activism and emotional outpouring is a calculated machinery built by establishment money and power that has seized on racial politics, in which some of the biggest capitalists in the world are financially backing a group of self-described “trained Marxists”—a label that Cullors enthusiastically applies to herself and the group’s other co-founders.

These bedfellows, whose stories and fortunes are never publicly presented as related, are in reality intertwined under the umbrella of a fiscal sponsor named the International Development Exchange. A modestly endowed West Coast nonprofit with origins in the Peace Corps—which for decades supported local farmers, shepherds, and agricultural workers across the Global South—IDEX has, in the past six years, been transformed into two distinct new things: the infrastructure back end to the Black Lives Matter organization in the United States and also, at the very same time, an investment fund vehicle driven by recruited MBAs and finance experts seeking to leverage decades of on-the-ground grantee relationships for novel forms of potentially problematic lending instruments . And it did so with help from the family of one of the most famous American billionaires in history—the Oracle of Omaha himself.

In a small village in Northern Thailand in 1965, a young American Peace Corps volunteer named Paul Strasburg took up the plight of locals who could not afford to build a new school. Strasburg wanted to help, but he was short on cash. Calls back to friends on Long Island led to a one-off fundraising effort, which resulted in a few thousand dollars in donations to cover building materials. Twenty years later, the legacy of that effort to channel Western money into repairing one small corner of Thailand, led Strasburg in 1985 to found a nonprofit, the International Development Exchange (IDEX).

For the next several decades, IDEX’s small team in the California Bay Area connected donors in wealthy nations to fund small projects throughout the developing world. In the beginning, the sums involved were modest, in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars range. Over time, microfinancing across the Global South became a fashionable philanthropic endeavor. By the early 2000s, even as IDEX maintained a low profile, they grew a diverse grant portfolio stretching across Asia, South Africa, and Latin America.

IDEX existed to play a middleman role, identifying and vetting underfunded projects for philanthropists and financial backers who don’t have the time to personally investigate every new well-digging project a continent away. But as the nonprofit’s network grew, and the group came to exert some degree of financial leverage over the core labor pool, textile manufacturing, and agricultural production of some 750 community groups across 37 countries, the middleman started to look like the manager of an investment portfolio. The philanthropy’s array of initiatives in livestock production, land rights, water ways, rice mills, seed banks, and other essential life functions touched the lives of many millions of people in regions of the world that are often poor in terms of per capita income and functioning legal structures but rich in precious metals and other natural resources.

In the same way that a growing religious group tends to naturally become a large real estate holder, IDEX’s constellation of contacts and infrastructure became a valuable asset—potentially offering on-the-ground access to valuable commodities while flying under the radar of multinational competitors and government agencies.

Indeed, in 2013, after decades attending to the patient, detailed work of making grants to farmers in Guatemala, IDEX underwent a sudden transformation—just as the Black Lives Matter movement was beginning in earnest. For the decade prior, according to their financial disclosures, donor revenue to IDEX, which changed its name to Thousand Currents in 2016, remained in the modest six figures, often around $500,000 to $600,000 annually. But in 2013, IDEX received an unprecedented $450,000 in grant funding from a single source—raising from one donation about 73% of what the organization had taken in the year prior. That donor was NoVo, a social justice foundation formed in 2006 by Peter Buffett—the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett—and Peter’s wife, Jennifer.

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