The Titanic Never Sank – The Greatest Marine-Insurance Fraud in History

Der Untergang der Titanic
Patrea Patrick, filmmaker and author of Ten Days at Jekyll Island and Titanic, A Perfect Crime, previews her upcoming presentation at Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 10-11. Everyone knows Titanic Sank. Right? Well, maybe not. A ship sank that looked like the Titanic and had the Titanic name on its bow, but shipyard records verify from the ID number on the propeller of the sunken vessel that it really was the Olympic, the Titanic’s sister ship. The Olympic had been involved in two collisions that damaged her keel so badly she was no longer seaworthy, could not be fixed, and was uninsurable. This meant she would have to be scrapped at a terrible financial loss to its owner, J.P. Morgan. The solution was simple: switch names on the hull, tell everyone they were sailing on the Titanic, and put in motion a string of events that would cause her to sink, supposedly by striking an iceberg. Thus, the insurance on the Titanic would cover the loss of the Olympic, and no one would be the wiser except a few insiders who were well rewarded for their silence. 
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J.A. de Vreede DC DACNB
J.A. de Vreede DC DACNB
1 month ago

L.S., This is an old story since the detection of the so called “Titanic” in I think 1996 that basically was the crippled “Olympic” after colliding with the maritime HMS Hawke. I really think that has been happening to collect the insurance money because the collision with the Olympic was regarded to be the fault of the Olympic. But it went totally wrong when the “Rescue vessel” Californian was offset by 12 miles,waiting for the signal of the so called “Titanic” !!!! All this to the account op J.P. Morgan who owned the mother company of the Silver Liners. He… Read more »

29 days ago

So … what happened to the real Titanic? Okay, they painted “Olympic” on the side, right? So … what is the history of that vessel post Titantic disaster? And has anyone checked its propellers lately?

28 days ago

Hi guys….sorry to announce it, but you have been censored in Facebook. I went to post your articles, this morning and it will not post, no photo, just the uRL, if it is approved by the group admin. Banned videos , from Alex, were censored, and now you guys. They are downig pages, censoring articles and people….Many people are moving to other platforms. But the sheeple are in F B -so the only way to reach them is through there.