Tennessee: Woman Dead for 6 Months Receives Letter She Tested Positive For COVID-19!

Tennessee: The Shelby County Health Department sent a letter last week to Sandra Whittington to inform her that she tested positive for COVID-19 and that she should isolate herself for 10 days. The problem is that she died in February, before COVID-19 had ever been detected in Tennessee. Her son said the notice from the local health department said his mother was tested on June 20, which was months after her death. You can’t make this stuff up.

Family members of a woman who died seven months ago say they received a letter this week claiming their loved one tested positive for COVID-19.

What’s even more confusing is Sandra Whittington passed away in February before COVID-19 had been detected in Tennessee. She died in hospice care of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to WATN-TV.

“I’m just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive,” her son Troy Whittington said in an interview with WATN.

Whittingham said the notice from the local health department said his mother was tested on June 20 and that test came back positive.

“On her death certificate, it was stated she died, what the cause of death was, and it was not COVID-19. It was COPD,” Whittington said in the interview.

The Shelby County Health Department has since apologized for the error.

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1 month ago

This covid-19 is a joke, we are being lied to, and wearing a mask is nothing more then control.The socialist democrats are behine the virus.

1 month ago

Every year 2.7 million people die of natural causes in the U.S., like old age, car crashes heart and lung disease.

1 month ago

The whole PLANNEDemic has been a HOAX. It’s not about public safety, but about CONTROLLING the people! TAKE OFF THE MASK EVERYBODY!

Depose Debauched Despots
Depose Debauched Despots
1 month ago

This incident proves my assertion that
1) the outside of a top of a skyscraper would test positive,
2) roadside rocks will test positive,
3) crude oil tests positive,
4) dirt, clouds and chemtrails all test positive; and
5) you name it and it will test positive.
All according to COVID MONSTERS’ faulty pcr “test”.
COVID MONSTERS and their ghoulish owners CRAVE, LOVE and WALLOW in their power to further physically enslave Humankind. Dehumanize yourself = wear a mask to be as effective at stopping covid viruses as screen doors stop water in a submarine.

Jean E Roëder
Jean E Roëder
1 month ago

3,700 people per day die in auto crashes. Should we stay home, stay off the roads?