Louisville: Man Wearing ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ T-Shirt Arrested for Shooting 3 Men

Michael E. Rhynes Jr., Youtube
Louisville, Kentucky: Michael E. Rhynes Jr. was arrested on Saturday in the murder of three people, including two white men and one black man who were shot to death in a bar. Rhynes was wearing a ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ shirt at the time of the killing. Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville Police during a “‘knock and announce” raid, during which her boyfriend shot at police. Rhynes is reported to have made several posts on social media in support of Black Lives Matter. The mainstream media appear to be ignoring this story because it runs counter to their narrative.

A black male walked into a Louisville bar owned by a retired police officer and shot three random people at point blank range on Friday night — while wearing a Justice for Breonna Taylor shirt.

The suspect was smiling from ear to ear as he was arrested for the shooting at Bungalow Joe’s Bar and Grill.

Michael E. Rhynes Jr., 33, was arrested just after midnight Saturday after police found him crawling in brush near the restaurant, according to a report from WDRB.

The shooter was wearing a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” t-shirt. Naturally, the national media has completely ignored this story — which certainly would not have been the case if a mass shooter had been wearing a “Trump” shirt. Taylor became a Black Lives Matter martyr after being killed by Louisville Police during a “‘knock and announce” drug raid, during which her boyfriend shot at police.

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1 month ago

I disapprove of your headline:

1) Why “man”? Why not “black man”? BLM tells us race matters, so why keep it a mystery in your headlines?

2) Why “shoots 3 people”? Why not “kills 3 people”? Why the softer euphemism?

Ballsy reporting would say “Black man enters Louisville bar, murders 3 white people.”

We can’t start winning if we’re not even in the game.

1 month ago

Amy — can you read? Rhynes killed two white guys and a black guy.