Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Reported to Harbor ‘Executioner’ Rogue Officers

The Executioners logo, Youtube
A ‘gang’ of rogue officers at the Compton station, called the ‘Executioners’ and have matching skull tattoos, are accused of using violence, threats, and retaliation against other deputies, supervisors, and “members of the public” in order to strengthen the profile of the organization, and its influence at the station. A deputy reported the problem to Internal Affairs, and instead of investigating it, IA gave the information to the gang who then responded with violence. The Executioners gang is believed to comprise as much as 40% of the Compton Sheriff’s Department. African Americans and women are banned from becoming Executioners. The two LA Sheriff’s deputies who were ambushed in their cruiser recently were from the Compton station and had only been on the job just over one year. The shooter
has not yet been caught, despite the $300,000 reward and massive amount of resources that could be deployed to find the gunman who may be a dwarf.

A county document listed dozens of cases since 1990 related to deputy gangs, including the Vikings, the Regulators, the Jump Out Boys, the 3000 Boys, and the Banditos that have led to nearly $55 million in court judgments and settlements. And a number of cases are still pending.

Deputy Thomas Banuelos with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says he endured five years of “bullying and intimidation” by members of a gang of deputies at the Compton sheriff’s station known as the “Executioners.”

“It was a very serious, violent and bloody assault which could have killed Deputy Banuelos,” says the deputy’s attorney Alan Romero. “He had him on the ground and was literally just bashing his head in with his elbow over and over and over again.”

According to his government claim, Banuelos was told “under threat of violence” to go to meet with an alleged “enforcer” of the gang, Deputy Eugene Contreras. Banuelos suffered injuries to his head, but did not report the beating because Executioners warned him “not to cooperate with investigators and to lie about the violent attack,” according to the claim.

“Deputy Contreras told Deputy Banuelos — if you open your mouth, you’ll be labeled as no good, which essentially means that you’re open for retaliation in the station by all members of the gang,” says attorney Romero.

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1 month ago

Hostility in the workplace is illegal under California Law. If IA didn’t properly handle it, then HR Management is obligated to take action under law. The response should be timely also. The victim/s have a strong case for a lawsuit.

Michael "Shayne" Tracy
1 month ago

Sounds like a movie I’ve seen. Sadly I can’t remember the title

1 month ago

Just in time this story to come out. Make you wonder if this just another make up event to push BLM.

MJ Raichyk, PhD
MJ Raichyk, PhD
1 month ago

Since one of the ambushed deputies was a woman, and women are not allowed in the ‘executioners gang’ then THE KILLER WAS NOT ATTACKING GANG MEMBERS AS THE MEDIA CLAIMED…