Kerri Rivera Has Helped Over 1,500 Children Recover from Autism!

Kerri Rivera,
Kerri Rivera, a homeopath and author who now lives in Mexico, fears she will be arrested if she returns to the US, her homeland. Why? She helped 1,500 children recover from autism using a treatment that is safe and cheap. This does not go well with the pharmaceutical industry that flourishes on the sale of concoctions that are toxic and expensive. Kerri founded Autism02, an autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Under her direction, the clinic specializes in treating children of low-income families at no charge. Her 9- ear-old son, Patrick, is currently in recovery from autism caused by vaccine injury. Kerri will be presenting her story at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo to be held at Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 10 and 11. Information about the Expo at Jekyll Island, Georgia, and about the live stream of the event is available at this link:

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