Del Bigtree Tests Air Quality of Breathing While Wearing a Mask on a Child, Proving Masks Are Toxic

Del Bigtree said that masks are not effective when they are are not properly sealed and are re-used over and over again. Bigtree introduced his 11-year old son who wore an N95 mask and tested the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside of it that can cause toxicity or oxygen deprivation when CO2 rises to 5000 ppm, which is the limit for daily workplace exposures, according to OSHA. The meter registered more than 10,000 ppm and stopped, all within a few seconds. A paper mask and a bandana both registered over 9000 ppm, and a plastic face shield registered at 1500 ppm. Indoor CO2 air levels should be no higher than 1100 ppm inside of classrooms.

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