Colorado: Thousands Attend Rally Against COVID Restrictions as Media Remains Silent

Crowd at Bandimer Speedway in Colorado, Youtube
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Jefferson County, Colorado: Thousands of people gathered at the Bandimer Speedway that hosted a ‘peaceful protest’ to “Stop the COVID Chaos”. The demonstration was in support of two lawsuits, one filed by Bandimere Speedway against Jefferson County for its health regulations on businesses. The second was filed by Colorado House minority leader Representative Patrick Neville against Governor Jared Polis’s emergency mask mandate. Jefferson County Public Health is taking Bandimere Speedway to court for the rally, saying it violated public health orders. Jefferson County is also requesting that Bandimere pay the county’s cost to defend itself against the charges. -GEG

Thousands of supporters gathered at Bandimere speedway on Tuesday night, though they did not gather to watch racing. This, in many attendees’ words, was a peaceful protest.

The Stop the COVID Chaos Rally was held to promote two lawsuits being filed against Colorado policies related to COVID-19. The first is being filed by Bandimere Speedway against Jefferson County for its health regulations on businesses. The second is being filed by Colorado House minority leader Rep. Patrick Neville against Gov. Jared Polis’s emergency mask mandate.

“The crux of our lawsuit is that the governor is violating the separation of powers,” said Neville during an interview at the rally. “People are fed up, they want to get back to work they want to get the economy back up and that is what most of the people are here for.”

Bandimere was specifically warned by the health department not to break the social distancing guidelines put forward by the county and state.

A letter from Jefferson County Public Health sent to the race track on Tuesday told the operators to “follow all public health orders.”

“Given the absence of an approved plan for this event, we are hopeful that Bandimere intends to cap attendance at 175 attendees or less,” it read.

Photos from the event show attendees numbered not in the hundreds, but the thousands.

The event is not the first this summer to draw ire from Jefferson County. In July, the county health department sued Bandimere for holding a Fourth of July fireworks celebration that also had an estimated crowd size in the thousands.

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1 year ago

People need to turn off their TV sets, especially the news. It is all lies and these idiots are politely fighting for their lives. I never watched TV in my life because my parents did not allow it. We had to do stuff like play piano, draw and be creative. I guess I would have liked to watch it but I am happy I had smart parents and I taught my children to draw and keep away from the TV. It is all lies. Obama had all those years to place communists, socialists and satanists in power. Fun time is… Read more »