Antifa Camp Out on Land Owned by City of Portland

Portland: Two weeks ago, a YouTube channel, Never Alone With Christ, exposed Antifa’s lair, which is a tent city in a parking lot on or next to 1351 SE Water Avenue, which is reported to be owned by the city of Portland. It appears that the camp extends towards the river onto a lot owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation. The camp is orderly and has at least four portable toilets. It was supposedly set up for homeless people but has been used as a convenience for rioters. In the video, the camera operator says that used drug needles were scattered over the ground inside the encampment, and he noticed Camillo Massagi, aka “Trumpet Man”, who is a fixture at Portland riots with an extensive arrest record. Antifa members travel between cities for protest activity and coordinate on social media. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, half of the people arrested during the riots did not live there.-GEG

A videographer claims to have discovered an “Antifa War Camp” in Portland. A user called Never alone with Christ posted full length video of the camp which spread across social media, saying that the “war encampment” had been located.

During the recording the videographer notices Camillo Massagi aka “Trumpet Man” who is a fixture at Portland riots and has an extensive arrest record.

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