Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Says 1 Million Ballots Were Destroyed in the Massachusetts Republican Primary

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an inventor and Republican candidate for US Senate, ran an energetic campaign in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat representing Massachusetts, but he lost to Kevin O’Connor. Dr. Shiva says that his opponent is the “designated loser” as the Republican party has an insider deal with Democrats, and instead of challenging them, they throw elections so that Democrats stay in power.

Dr. Shiva says that one million ballot images from vote counting machines were destroyed after vote counting scanners added “weight” to some votes, thus increasing the votes, instead of one person having one vote. The scanners delete the images of weighted votes, which is why Dr. Shiva claims 1 million votes for him were destroyed. A Massachusetts Elections Attorney confirmed to Dr. Shiva that ballot images must be saved for 22 months, according to federal law, but the images are missing. Dr. Shiva has started a write-in campaign for the general election in November that will force cities that use scanners to hand count the write-in votes. Two senators, Strom Thurmond and Lisa Murkowski, have won elections with write-in votes.

States with Unemployment Over 10% Are All Run by Democrats Except One

Ten out of eleven states that have unemployment rates over 10% have Democrat governors, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Massachusetts is the only state in this group that does not have a Democrat governor. Hard-left Democrat mayors in four cities, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Cleveland have unemployment rates over 10%, and LA and New York’s rate is over 16%.

New data shows Democrat governors are killing the economies in their states and blaming coronavirus!

The seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate was 8.4 percent in July.
Here are ALL of the states which had unemployment rates above 10 percent in the government’s August state-by-state report released on Friday:

CA – 11.4 pct.
HI – 12.5 pct.
IL – 11.0 pct.
MA – 11.3 pct.
NJ – 10.9 pct.
NM – 11.3 pct.
NV – 13.2 pct.
NY – 12.5 pct.
PA – 10.3 pct.
RI – 12.8 pct.

The governor of EVERY state listed is a Democrat except in Massachusetts, where he might as well be a Democrat!

Imagine how much lower the already amazingly low national unemployment rate might be if these Democrat-controlled states (which make up just a bit less than one-third of the US population) weren’t deliberately holding back and choking their economies.

And here’s a bonus: That state-by-state report also lists unemployment rates for just a few of the larger US Metro areas. Here are the ones listed with rates over 10 percent, —

All of these cities are governed by Democrats!

Metro LA: 16.1 pct.
Metro Chicago: 12.1 pct.
NY City: 16.0 pct.
Metro Cleveland: 10.4 pct.

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Woman Arrested After Driving Car into California Pro-Trump Demonstration

Yorba Linda, California: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that 40-year-old Tatiana Turner was arrested for investigation of attempted murder and assault. She allegedly drove her car into a crowd of Trump supporters in a parking lot at a pro-Trump demonstration that was counter-protesting a group against systemic racism and police brutality, Caravan for Justice, and several scuffles broke out between the groups before the incident. Two people who were hit by the car were taken to a nearby hospital with major but non-life threatening injuries.

In a separate incident in Hollywood, a driver of a pick-up truck struck a leftist militant who tried to block his truck. Los Angeles police said that the driver was attempting to maneuver through the crowd when protesters began beating the vehicle with sticks, and was trying to get away.

A woman who authorities say drove a car into a crowd during a Southern California demonstration against police brutality, striking and injuring two people, has been arrested for investigation of attempted murder and assault.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement late Saturday that 40-year-old Tatiana Turner of Long Beach was booked into jail.

Turner drove a car into a crowd at a demonstration against police brutality and systemic racism Saturday that drew protesters and counter-protesters to the city of Yorba Linda, the statement said. The event was organized by a group called Caravan for Justice and Turner was believed to be part of the group, authorities said.

Sheriff’s authorities said about 150 people initially showed up for the demonstration in the small city some 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of downtown Los Angeles. About a half hour later, authorities received reports of fights breaking out between the two groups and declared an unlawful assembly, the statement said. One man was arrested for failing to obey an order for the crowd to disperse.

Turner was arrested after driving a car in a library parking lot that struck at least two people who were taken to a nearby hospital with major but non-life threatening injuries, the statement said.

Turner is being held on $1 million bail and expected to appear in court on Tuesday, according to a county website. It was not immediately known if she had a lawyer.

On Thursday night, a protester was struck by a pickup truck during a march in Hollywood and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Los Angeles police said Friday the preliminary investigation found that the driver was attempting to maneuver through the crowd when protesters began beating the vehicle with sticks.

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Militant Leftist Threatened Drivers with a Gun and Radical Linda Sarsour Joined Antifa in Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky: On Friday, September 20, rioters blocked traffic and harassed innocent drivers following the decision to not bring charges against two of the three police officers in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. Drone footage captured a woman, identified as Robin Ash Crandal, pointing a gun at drivers. Robin Crandal is an organizer with the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. She was previously convicted of burglary and served two years in prison. She was pardoned by Governor Steve Beshear, whose Soros funded son, Andy, is the current governor.

Radical leftist and Women's March leader, Linda Sarsour, was filmed working behind the scenes with the rioters who damaged cars. Sarsour was photographed again with the mob, including Portland's 'Three Arrows' battalion days later./su_note]

Yesterday we identified Robin Ash Crandal was the young communist who pointed a gun at highway goers last Friday in Louisville, KY.
Earlier today we reported that infamous Democrat anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was behind the scenes on Friday leading the rioters who were pointing guns at innocent drivers and damaging their vehicles.
Now we are able to determine that Democrat anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was back in front of the rioters tonight in Louisville.  But today she was alongside members of Portland’s ‘Three Arrows’ Antifa battalion.  Who is paying these creeps? 
On Friday September 20, 2020, in Louisville, KY, Democrat activists were out shutting down highway traffic. Drone footage captured the communists pointing guns at drivers.
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