DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Says White Supremacists Are Biggest Threat to US

Chad Wolf, the acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), appeared before the Senate for his confirmation hearings, and claimed that “white supremacist extremists” are the biggest domestic threat to America. There is a chance Wolf will be rejected as head of DHS because more than $6-million in DHS contracts were awarded to a firm where his wife serves as an executive. Last week, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before Congress that his agency looks at Antifa as an ideology or movement, not an organization. Just about everyone in the country except the FBI knows this is not true. The FBI is protecting Antifa, allowing it to create chaos and terror throughout the nation. -GEG

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told a congressional hearing on Wednesday that white supremacists are the most persistent extremist threat in U.S. politics, but in Portland, Oregon the local federal courthouse was specifically targeted by protesters who had “this anarchist sort of ideology.”

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Del Bigtree Says that We Are Winning the War Against Forced Vaccinations

Del Bigtree, host of the popular HighWire internet talk show, has been warning for several years that a pandemic would be used by the pharmaceutical cartel to take over governments of the world and force vaccinations on the population. Bill Gates and world leaders say our lives will not return to normal until a vaccine is developed and deployed on the populace. In spite of that, Bigtree says the people are about to win. He is a featured speaker at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo at Jekyll Island in Georgia, on October 10 and 11. You won’t want to miss this talk! Visit RedPillExpo.org for information about the Expo and for tickets either to attend in person or watch the live stream in your home. GEG


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George Soros and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Linked to U-Haul that Provided Supplies to Potential Rioters

Holly Zoller, a “bail disruptor” for the Soros-linked Bail Project, rented and drove a U-Haul truck and handed out shields to potential rioters in Louisville. The Bail Project is an organization that opposes cash bail, and claims that paying bail for those in jail is an “act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty.” At least two employees of the Bail Project are or were “Soros Justice Fellows.”

In June, Jack Dorsey teamed up with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation to donate $11 million to organizations that “advance racial equity, with a focus on criminal justice and policing reform.” The Bail Project was a recipient of these funds, along with Black Lives Matter.

The board of directors for The Bail Project, which pays to bail out people who destroy US cities and attack police, include Michael Novogratz, a financier, and Lisa Gersh, a high level media executive; advisors include British billionaire Richard Branson, actor Danny Glover, and singer John Legend. Essentially, the Bail Project pays the bail for people who destroy US cities and attack police. Tucker Carlson suggested that the wealthy are supporting riots to portray America’s core problem as racial, but the real problems in the US are economic control by a small number of wealthy people.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey helped donate $11 million to organisations that included the Bail Project, linked to the U-Haul in Louisville earlier today.

National File reported today that an employee of the Bail Project, Holly Zoller, was caught handing out shields and other equipment to potential rioters from a U-Haul truck in Louisville, Kentucky.

A group of concerned citizens managed to track down and identify Zoller:

One member of the anonymous group called Zoller, posing as a U-Haul employee, noting that the company had seen “hundreds of Twitter posts” about the U-Haul truck “being used to protest illegally.”

“We handed out supplies. That’s it,” Zoller said, including “umbrellas, water, masks, goggles, gloves.” The caller says that they saw signs of” abolish the police,” to which Zoller said that was her First Amendment right.” What does it matter what I posted on a sign?” she added.

Zoller then denied that she protested, but then was caught admitting that she “drove the U-Haul truck and dropped items off.” After saying this, Zoller goes quiet. When she returns to the call, she says the caller should talk to her lawyer and that she would not be answering any more questions.

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Larynzo Johnson Charged in Shooting of Two Louisville Officers During Black Lives Matter Riot

Louisville, Kentucky: Larynzo Johnson, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault on a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting two cops during a Black Lives Matter riot. The officers were reported to have non-life threatening injuries.

Larynzo Johnson, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault on a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting two cops during a Black Lives Matter riot on Wednesday night in Louisville.

Johnson is reportedly a Louisville local.

From WLKY:

A suspect is in custody after two Louisville Metro police officers were wounded in a shooting Wednesday evening downtown.

He’s been identified as Larynzo Johnson. He’s charged with 14 counts of wanton endangerment on police officer and two counts of assault on police officer.

As of Thursday, his bond as not been set and he won’t be arraigned until Friday.

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Louisville: BLM Riots After DA Announcement of Charges in Breonna Taylor Shooting

The Breonna Taylor case was built on lies, but the truth is that the police knocked and announced themselves, per a witness at the scene, so it was not a no-knock warrant, Breonna’s boyfriend shot first, police returned gunfire, and the police were not there randomly, they had cause to believe that she was involved in the drug trade with her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover. The BLM narrative is false every time.

Journalist Matt Walsh said that the rioters were going to cause trouble no matter what the outcome of the grand jury investigation, as a U-Haul provided riot supplies after only one officer was indicted in the Breonna Taylor case for ‘wanton endangerment’ for allegedly shooting stray bullets into other apartments. Walsh said that claims of police brutality are just a pretense for the radical left to overthrow the country. He said the effort is well funded and organized and recommended that the feds root out the coordinators of the riots and charge them with sedition. He says that Americans have believed the lie that the riots are about racial injustice and anyone who speaks out against it will be labeled a ‘racist.’ But now, people are changing their favorable opinions of Black Lives Matter, which scrubbed its website of controversial material, including their call to dismantle the nuclear family. Business owners risk prison for defending their property. Walsh says state governments are to blame.

Riots ensued in other cities across the US:

St. Petersburg, Florida, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Washington, DC, Denver, Colorado (see video), and Hollywood, California.

In Seattle, video shows a police officer holding his bicycle, rolled it over the helmeted head of a protester, Trumpet Man, who has been a fixture in Portland, who was lying in the street. A second officer was hit in the head by a rioter with a metal baseball bat; he was wearing a helmet and was lucky to avoid a concussion.


Alex Newman Says: The Coin Shortage and Infected Money Is Bunk. The Goal Is a Cashless Society.

Alex Newman is an international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. For the last five years, he has been teaching advanced economics to high-school seniors through FreedomProject Academy. Alex dispels the lies about infected money, a coin shortage, and the whirlwind of deception being used to bring us into a cashless society. Alex will be speaking at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island in Georgia on October 10 and 11. Order your ticket to attend in-person or online at www.RedPillExpo.org. -GEG

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Florida AG Orders Investigation of Mike Bloomberg For Pledging to Help Felons Pay Fines For Biden Votes

Florida’s Attorney General has ordered an investigation into Michael Bloomberg for pledging $16 million to help 32,000 black and Hispanic convicted felons pay off their fines so that their voting rights can be restored in time for the November election. Federal law makes it illegal to pay for or receive money for voting. Florida is a crucial battleground state with 29 electoral votes.

The Florida Attorney General on Wednesday ordered an investigation into Mike Bloomberg for pledging $16 million to help convicted felons vote in the November election.

This comes after a request from Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to review the “recent allegations” found in a WaPo article.

Billionaire and failed presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg raised $16 million to help pay the fines for 32,000 black and Hispanic felons so they can vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

In 2018, Florida voted to allow for felons who have completed their sentences to regain their voting rights back, however they must pay outstanding fees in order to be able to vote.

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