University to Keep Over $400K in Tuition After Dismissing Students for Not Social Distancing

Eleven first-year students at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts were recently dismissed for violating social distancing rules, and will not receive a refund on their $36,500-semester tuition for the study abroad program. The students were found at the Westin Hotel, where they were housed due to the pandemic, without face masks and flouting social distancing protocols. The students and their parents were notified they must vacate the Westin within 24 hours. Northeastern University will keep the $401,500 tuition money. Before leaving, the students are being required to undergo COVID-19 testing at Northeastern. Anyone testing positive will be moved into special housing at the university until they recover.

Northeastern University announced Friday that 11 first-year students have been dismissed after they were found gathered in a room at the Westin Hotel in Boston earlier this week in violation of university and public health protocols aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

“Northeastern and its community of students, faculty, and staff take violations of health and safety protocols very seriously,” said Madeleine Estabrook, senior vice chancellor for student affairs at Northeastern. “Cooperation and compliance with public health guidelines is absolutely essential. Those people who do not follow the guidelines — including wearing masks, avoiding parties and other gatherings, practicing healthy distancing, washing your hands, and getting tested — are putting everyone else at risk.”

The students and their parents were notified Friday they must vacate the Westin within 24 hours. Any payments they have already made are not refundable.

All of the students have the right to contest their dismissal at a hearing, the university said.

Before leaving, the students are being required to undergo COVID-19 testing at Northeastern. Anyone testing positive will be moved into special housing at the university until they recover.

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Vancouver: Militant Leftist Runs Over Conservative Activist Following Funeral

Vancouver, Washington: Shane Moon, a member of the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump group that has a history of confronting Antifa and BLM, was struck by a truck in the parking lot of a bar where other members of the group gathered following the funeral of Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, the Patriot Prayer man who was recently murdered and a BLM member was the key suspect. The driver of the truck, Robbie Smith, a BLM activist, had been harassing the mourners and was filming them, presumably to dox them, and was thrown out of the bar. Smith is alleged to have struck Moon with his truck. Moon is reportedly suffering from serious injuries including bleeding from his brain, damage to his left temporal lobe, a concussion and amnesia.

A member of the Proud Boys is hospitalized with severe injuries from being hit by a car after attending a memorial for Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the President Donald Trump supporter who was murdered by Antifa in Portland.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio told The Gateway Pundit that the victim is bleeding from his brain, damaged his left temporal lobe, has a concussion and is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember the incident.

The Proud Boys are a pro-Trump male social group that frequently stands against Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants — which has made them a hated target of the left.

The Gateway Pundit has been asked to only identify the victim by his first name, Shane, at this time.

Following Danielson’s memorial in Vancouver, Washington, a group of Proud Boys went to a bar down the street, according to Tarrio. He said that a man who appeared to be a member of Antifa began taking photos and recordings of the people inside.

A man who witnessed the incident, Rex Fergus, told the Gateway Pundit that the man “started walking around the bar and recording us, putting his phone in our faces, supposedly for doxing.”

“As he was doing that, one of our guys confronted him and said ‘hey, get out of here, we don’t want you filming us. This is a private establishment and we’re not in public.’ The man continued to try to pick fights with people in the bar at the time, until security finally kicked him out of the bar,” Fergus said.

As the man was kicked out of the bar, there were several Proud Boys in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and just arriving from the memorial service. Fergus explained that the man had also become combative with them, so Shane pulled his phone out and started filming him back.

“Once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off, he hit Shane,” Fergus said. “Shane tried to get out of the way and the guy ran him over.”

Fergus said that Shane’s body went up on to the roof of the truck and his head hit the concrete when he fell.

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Tennessee: Woman Dead for 6 Months Receives Letter She Tested Positive For COVID-19!

Tennessee: The Shelby County Health Department sent a letter last week to Sandra Whittington to inform her that she tested positive for COVID-19 and that she should isolate herself for 10 days. The problem is that she died in February, before COVID-19 had ever been detected in Tennessee. Her son said the notice from the local health department said his mother was tested on June 20, which was months after her death. You can’t make this stuff up.

Family members of a woman who died seven months ago say they received a letter this week claiming their loved one tested positive for COVID-19.

What’s even more confusing is Sandra Whittington passed away in February before COVID-19 had been detected in Tennessee. She died in hospice care of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to WATN-TV.

“I’m just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive,” her son Troy Whittington said in an interview with WATN.

Whittingham said the notice from the local health department said his mother was tested on June 20 and that test came back positive.

“On her death certificate, it was stated she died, what the cause of death was, and it was not COVID-19. It was COPD,” Whittington said in the interview.

The Shelby County Health Department has since apologized for the error.

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