Thousands of Irish People Protested After Politicians Were Caught Breaking Their Own COVID Rules

Media ignores thousands of Irish protesting COVID restrictions, Youtube
Days after Ireland was placed partially back on lockdown, government officials and other elites broke their own rules and gathered for a golfing holiday. The Yellow Vests in Dublin organized a rally to protest against the lockdown, masks, and tyranny. The mainstream media ignored the demonstration that drew thousands of people. Dr. Marcus De Brun criticized the Irish government for failing to protect the elderly in nursing homes from COVID-19 while imposing harsh restrictions on the public.  Professor Dolores Cahill, a molecular biologist, said that 80% of the people who received an experimental vaccine had side effects in the first clinical trial, and after the second dose, 100% of the participants had significant adverse side effects. She recommended writing a notice of liability to schools, teachers, principals to governing school boards to prevent them from giving children vaccines.

Another rally in Holland that was ignored by the biased media drew hundreds of demonstrators against COVID-19 lockdowns and masks.

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7 months ago

Several doctors I’ve listened to, have said the most commonly used “covid-19 test” does NOT specifically test for covid-19, but only detects anti-bodies for corona viruses.This includes corona virus colds or influenzas you may have acquired in the last 20 years. Currently schools are testing students , and using high positive tests for school closure justifications. when in fact they most likely do NOT have covid-19. The developer of this test has adamantly stated this test does Not specifically test for covid-19. Symptoms are a better indicator for this virus , but is not definitive. This is why these “tests”… Read more »

7 months ago

Spread this info far and wide! RSBell destroys the pseudoscience of RT-PCR tests for COVID-19.