Chicago Organizer of Black Lives Matter Says Mob Looting Is “Reparations” for Descendants of Slaves

Ariel Atkins, BLM Chicago organizer, Youtube
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Ariel Atkins, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Chicago, said that looting was “reparations” and urged the looters to continue, because businesses “have insurance.” She said, “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats, that makes sure that person has clothes.” “That is reparations. Anything they want to take, take it, because these businesses have insurance. They’re gonna get their money back.” Atkins’ statement came after a chaotic night that saw 13 police officers injured, and $60-million worth of property damage. Chicago Black Lives Matter says they will continue to “rouse up” until the Chicago Police Department is abolished. -GEG

BLACK Lives Matter advocate Ariel Atkins said that looters in Chicago should be taking “anything they want” and justified the theft as “reparations.”

The city has broken out into widespread protest and looting after cops responded to a call about a young black man with a gun in Englewood.

The man was shot multiple times in the confrontation.

Who is Ariel Atkins?

Ariel Atkins is a Black Lives Matter activist based in Chicago.

She spoke to reporters this week supporting the looting that was sparked by a young black man’s encounter with police that ended in gunfire.

Black Lives Matter protests have emerged across the country after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on the neck of black man George Floyd in late May, leading to his death.

What did Atkins say about the Black Lives Matter protests in Chicago?

Atkins has justified the widespread looting in Chicago as “reparations” – and claimed it doesn’t matter because the ransacked stores “have insurance.”

Speaking Monday at a rally outside the South Loop police station, Ariel Atkins said: “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats, that makes sure that person has clothes.”

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Karen Bracken
Karen Bracken
2 years ago

Bull crap. It is a bunch of animals too lazy to work stealing from those that get up and pay the freight. They deserve NOTHING. They have sacrificed NOTHING. They are lazy criminal leaches that should be arrested and put in jail.

Last edited 2 years ago by Karen Bracken
2 years ago

This is the end product of LBJ’s great society.

2 years ago

Someone should ask her what people should do to her in compensation for all the harm blacks or females or morons or mask-wearers or glasses-wearers or other-categories-she-happens-to-satisfy have done to humans over the past 250,000 years or so. I’m sure her answer will be interesting to hear … and laugh off as insane.

Last edited 2 years ago by bootstrap
DayTime Gimp
DayTime Gimp
2 years ago

Start a business and say that. lol. This is absurd.
If you gave me a magic wand, I’d change 2 things in the US.

1. Fatherless homes.
2. The Federal reserve.

If these 2 issues weren’t issues, I doubt we’d have a character in our country saying anything remotely close to these words.