California: Standoff in Woodland Hills after Reports of Shots Fired Near Pro-Trump Rally

Woodland Hills, California: An estimated 700 vehicles participated in a pro-Trump caravan in the San Fernando Valley that passed by a Black Lives Mater demonstration. Gunshots aimed at the Trump rally were reported to have come from an apartment, causing a flat tire on one of the cars. A SWAT team evacuated several buildings. No injuries were reported.

Police were investigating reports of shots fired during a rally on Sunday in support of President Donald Trump.

The group traveled from Woodland Hills to Studio City in cars with participants playing the National Anthem, American flags and pro-trump signs in hand, and chanting, “four more years.”

A school bus also made its way down Ventura Boulevard with a sign supporting pleas to reopen schools during the pandemic.

The rally was peaceful but police ended up shutting down part of the demonstration after three men were allegedly caught on camera throwing bottles at the caravan and then reportedly firing shots, which someone believed hit the tire of a truck in the rally.

The alleged shooting happened about 11:30 a.m. as the caravan of Trump supporters moved along Ventura Boulevard near the Chalk Hills Court building in the 20300 block, police said.

A SWAT team was called in eventually to 20568 Ventura Boulevard after police said the three men ran into an apartment building and refused to come out, leading to a standoff.

SWAT members made entry into the apartment at 5:30 p.m. but found no one inside, the LAPD reported.

A witness who lives nearby said right before shots were fired, she could hear an argument between Trump supporters and counter-protesters.

“Right outside the building I could hear it sounded like a couple of men were in a pretty heated argument, yelling back and forth,” the witness said.

Despite the incident, the Trump rally went on with many of the participants thanking the police for their involvement and providing security.

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Oakland, California: BLM and Antifa Marched through Streets Chanting ‘Death to America’

On Saturday night, Black Lives Matter and Antifa marched down the streets of Oakland chanting “Death to America” to the sound of smashing glass, openly proclaiming they want to destroy America. Rocks, bottles, lasers & shields were used to assault officers. Last week, a rioter in Kenosha was also caught on camera screaming the phrase while burning an American flag. “Death to America” also is a popular chant among Islamic terrorists. -GEG

100+ people took part in tonight’s protest. Rocks, bottles, lasers & shields were used to assault officers. 1 officer injured. OPD deployed minimal gas & smoke, half a dozen arrests made. Officers confiscated shields. OPD continues our efforts to protect our vulnerable community.

A rioter in Kenosha was also caught on camera screaming the phrase last week while burning an American flag.

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Insane Leftist Mob Goes After Rand Paul and Republicans in DC on the Final Night of the RNC

Hundreds of screaming Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants converged on Washington, DC on the final night of the Republican National Convention. They shut down the streets and swarmed Republicans leaving the White House after President Trump’s speech. BLM and Antifa squads went after Rand Paul and his wife with intent to harm or kill. Paul said the rioters likely were from out of town and had been paid. Most of them were wearing new cloths and were staying in hotels. He said the hotel bills should be subpoenaed to find out who bankrolled the operation so criminal charges can be made against them and those who hired them. -GEG

Rioters knocked down an elderly Trump supporter. The man was walking through the area with a woman wearing pro-Trump attire when the mob began to follow him and harass him. A black woman punched him in the jaw. Then he was knocked to the ground. As usual, no police are present. The rioters have the streets to themselves.

President Trump gave his speech on the South Lawn of the White House, protesters gathered on the north side of the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza and put an effigy of Trump in a guillotine for a ritual mock execution. The video of the guillotine scene also includes a clip of Kamala Harris, shortly after becoming Biden’s running mate, professing that the BLM riots will not stop and should not stop.

The rioters surround the historic Episcopalian St. John’s Church and chant a threat to burn it down.

The liberal media and LGBT groups have remained silent about BLM aggressors who screeched an anti-gay slur against Brandon Straka, the gay man who created the ‘Walk Away’ campaign for Democrats who realize the party is radicalized and does not represent them. The night after Black Lives Matter assaulted Republicans exiting the RNC at the White House, the mob marched through the streets of the capital chanting, “who do we protect? Black criminals!”

Portland: A Man from Patriot Prayer that Supports Trump Was Shot to Death

Portland: An estimated 2,500 people attended a “Trump cruise rally” outside the city, and then some cars re-routed and traveled through downtown Portland where they engaged in conflicts with BLM and Antifa, exchanging pepper spray and projectile volleys. It ended in violence when a man wearing a hat with the Patriot Prayer insignia was shot to death. The name of the victim is Aaron Danielson, aka Jay Bishop. While police have yet to identify the shooter, internet sleuths at 4Chan, the anonymous message board, found video that they claim identifies the shooter is Michael Reinoehl of Portland, a professional snowboarder and contractor. He was previously featured on a Bloomberg promo for the riots where he described himself as part of the rioter’s security apparatus. Law enforcement reportedly made little or no attempt to keep the groups apart.

Black Lives Matter celebrated when one of their leaders said, “Everybody, I just got word. The person who died was a Patriot Prayer person. He was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own and took out the trash.” Rioters also surrounded and assaulted Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson who was able to escape unharmed.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the city’s Police Commissioner, blamed Trump for the violence, because he previously brought in federal troops. Wheeler, like the mayors in other Democrat cities experiencing riots, has deliberately allowed the violence and vandalism by directing police to stand down.

US President Donald Trump extended his condolences following the shooting death of a man in Portland, tentatively identified as a member of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group. Police have yet to confirm his identity.

“Rest in Peace Jay,” Trump wrote on Sunday evening, retweeting a post by Amy Kremer, co-founder and co-chair of Women for Trump, identifying the man who was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday amid skirmishes between Black Lives Matter protesters and Trump supporters as ‘Jay Bishop’.

Earlier on Sunday, the founder of Patriot Prayer, whose members can frequently be spotted at pro-Trump rallies, confirmed that the man was “a good friend and a supporter of Patriot Prayer.”

Neither the group nor police have confirmed the identity of the man.

However, reports on social media have been circulating, alleging the victim was also a supporter of Blue Lives Matter, a movement in support of law enforcement.

While Kremer’s post blamed “Antifa,” a loosely organized self-avowed anti-fascist group, for the man’s death, police have not charged anyone with the shooting, with a suspect still believed to be at large.

The Patriot Prayer activist was shot on Saturday evening as clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and pro-Trump supporters erupted in downtown Portland after around 600 cars rolled into the city as part of the ‘Trump Caravan’.

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4Chan Users Appear to Have Identified Portland Rioter Who Shot and Killed Trump Supporter

Virginia: Democrats Seek to Pass Law Making Assault on Police and Firemen a Misdemeanor Instead of a Felony

The Virginia Senate to approve legislation that would eliminate the six-month mandatory minimum sentence for assault and battery against a police officer, judge, magistrate, prison guard, warden, firefighter, or any other emergency medical services personnel such as a paramedic. The bill says as long as there’s no “bodily injury” it’s not a felony. Democrats say the legislation does not minimize the crime of assaulting a police officer but, instead, makes a distinction between serious assaults and minor assaults. Serious physical assaults on police can be prosecuted under the state’s malicious wounding law and carry a two-year mandatory minimum sentence. Critics contend that this will signal that it is ‘open season’ on officials who maintain peace and safety, thus eroding law and order. The legislation was approved with all 21 Democrats voting in favor and 15 Republicans voting against it. It now moves to the House, where Democrats hold a 55-45 majority. -GEG

The Virginia Senate on Wednesday approved legislation that would eliminate a six-month mandatory minimum sentence for assaulting a police officer, despite strenuous objections from Republicans who said the bill disrespects police at a time when they have come under attack during nationwide protests.

Democrats, who hold a narrow majority in the Senate, said the legislation does not minimize the crime of assaulting a police officer, but instead makes a distinction between serious assaults and minor assaults.

The bill keeps the charge as a felony, but gives a judge or jury discretion to reduce it to a misdemeanor if there is no bodily injury or if someone’s culpability is slight because of diminished physical or mental capacity or a developmental disorder.

If the charge is brought as a felony, it requires an investigation by a different police officer and must be approved by a Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Critics of the current law say police overuse the charge, particularly in cases where they fear the person they arrested will claim police brutality. The enhanced penalty for assaulting law enforcement officers also applies to judges, magistrates, corrections officers, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel.

Sen. Scott Surovell, who proposed the bill, said it is not meant to address serious physical assaults on police, which can be prosecuted under the state’s malicious wounding law and carry a two-year mandatory minimum sentence.

“What we’re talking about here are situations that involve much more insignificant minor touches,” Surovell said.

Republicans, however, said they worried about the timing of the bill, citing the nationwide protests and violent clashes between police and protesters since the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“What in the world are we doing?” said Sen. John Cosgrove Jr. “Have you seen the attacks on police officers?”

Sen. Amanda Chase called the legislation “an attack on our law enforcement” and said it sends a message to criminals “that we’re going to stand back.”

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Video and Witness Testimony Provides New Details of Shooting at Kenosha Riots

Video and witness testimony that have not been reported by mainstream media support the conclusion that Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who fired the fatal shots, can be seen being chased by BLM rioters BEFORE a shot is heard on camera. Witnesses say that BLM rioters were angry because he had a gun and also because he was attempting to put out some of the fires they had started. When the shot was heard, Rittenhouse stopped to look back but was immediately confronted by the man chasing him who tried to take the gun from him – whereupon Rittenhouse shot him. Rittenhouse shot and killed a second man who attacked him with a skateboard. He shot a third man in the arm who was pointing a handgun at him. All three men who were shot had criminal records. It is as though BLM is consciously recruiting their mercenaries from crooks and thugs. -GEG

Click this link for video of Rosenbaum, the first BLM/ Antifa rioter who Rittenhouse shot, provoking militia members who were protecting private property from destruction.  Click this link for video of RIttenhouse being chased and a gunshot fired BEFORE he shot Rosenbaum, who threw an object at the teenager while chasing him.

The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and described hearing shots fired in Kenosha before Kyle Rittenhouse used his weapon to defend himself.

McGinniss was just feet away when the shooting occurred.

McGinniss told Carlson that he was just ten to twelve feet behind the rioters as they ran into the parking lot to charge Rittenhouse.

“What I saw was [Joseph] Rosenbaum pursuing Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse turned around,” McGinniss began. “Right before he turned around, I’m not sure if this is the reason he turned around, but there was a gun shot. That’s actually visible on video.”

The reporter noted that it is not clear if that gunshot was fired into the air or towards Rittenhouse, but the teenage boy did turn around immediately after that.

“At that point he went from running away to aiming his weapon at Rosenbaum and I was actually directly behind Rosenbaum.”

Rosembaum was one of the men shot and killed by Rittenhouse.

“I took one or two steps to my right, right as Rosenbaum was lunging for the barrel of the rifle,” McGinniss explained.

The reporter recounted that Rittenhouse actually moved the barrel of the rifle to dodge Rosembaum’s attempt to grab it. At this point, the attacker began to fall and Rittenhouse fired four shots.

McGinniss said that at this point he attempted to provide whatever aid he could to Rosembaum, because he had just been shot. He said that he believed Rittenhouse had ran away, but that he had came back and pulled out his phone to call 9-1-1.

As the Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Friday, Rittenhouse was in Kenosha working as a lifeguard at the community pool prior to going to help clean vandalism off the local high school.

This simple fact destroys the narrative being peddled by the mainstream media that he had “crossed state lines” to harm the rioters.

In a statement by Rittenhouse’s legal team at Pierce Bainbridge, provided to the Gateway Pundit, “after Kyle finished his work that day as a community lifeguard in Kenosha, he wanted to help clean up some of the damage, so he and a friend went to the local public high school to remove graffiti by rioters.”

Additionally, the weapon Rittenhouse was using to protect himself and others never crossed state lines.

“Later in the day, they received information about a call for help from a local business owner, whose downtown Kenosha auto dealership was largely destroyed by mob violence,” the statement continues. “Business owner needed help to protect what he had left of his life’s work, including two nearby mechanic’s shops. Kyle and a friend armed themselves with rifles due to the deadly violence gripping Kenosha and many other American cities, and headed to the business premises. The weapons were in Wisconsin and never crossed state lines.”

When Rittenhouse arrived at the mechanics shop, he and others stood guard to prevent further destruction. Later that night, long after the 8 p.m. curfew had passed, the police began to disperse a group of rioters. His lawyer, John M. Pierce, explains that while dispersing the mob, they maneuvered a mass of individuals down the street towards the auto shops. Rittenhouse and the others were threatened and taunted, but he did not react. “His intent was not to incite violence, but simply to deter property damage and use his training to provide first aid to injured community members,” Pierce says.

After the situation seemed to be diffused, Rittenhouse became increasingly concerned about people who were injured at the gas station, so he went in that direction with his first aid kit. He helped those he could find who were injured, either by administering aid or directing them which way to go for help beyond what he could offer.

The statement says that by the final time that Rittenhouse returned to the gas station and “confirmed there were no more injured individuals who needed assistance, police had advanced their formation and blocked what would have been his path back to the mechanic’s shop. Kyle then complied with the police instructions not to go back there. Kyle returned to the gas station until he learned of a need to help protect the second mechanic’s shop further down the street where property destruction was imminent with no police were nearby.”

“As Kyle proceeded towards the second mechanic’s shop, he was accosted by multiple rioters who recognized that he had been attempting to protect a business the mob wanted to destroy. This outraged the rioters and created a mob now determined to hurt Kyle. They began chasing him down. Kyle attempted to get away, but he could not do so quickly enough. Upon the sound of a gunshot behind him, Kyle turned and was immediately faced with an attacker lunging towards him and reaching for his rifle. He reacted instantaneously and justifiably with his weapon to protect himself, firing and striking the attacker,” Pierce explains.

Additionally, Rittenhouse stopped to ensure care for his attacker, hardly sounds like someone who had went to the riot with intent to kill.

“Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground,” his legal team says. “One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker. The rest of the mob began to disperse upon hearing the additional gunshots.”

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Seattle: Rioters Allegedly Tried To Seal Police Precinct Door Before Lighting A Fire Outside

The Seattle Police Department has confirmed that violent rioters used a substance suspected to be concrete to seal shut the door to the East Precinct while trying to set fire to the building. The ATF is now involved. The Police Officers Guild president said that this act shows that the leftists are intent on killing police officers and that the city is being held hostage by 100 to 150 people that are bent on destroying the city.

Rioters allegedly attempted to seal the door of a police precinct with boards, rebar and quick-dry cement that reportedly trapped officers inside on Monday night in Seattle, according to a police union official.

Officers reportedly had to kick their way out of the East Precinct, while protesters allegedly assembled and tried to set a fire outside the door, according to local outlet KIRO 7 reported.

“I think what this shows you is that these people are intent on killing police officers,” President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild Mike Solan said, KIRO 7 reported. He referred to the incident as “clear domestic terrorism.”

“We’re being held hostage by a group of 100 to 150 people that are bent on destroying this city and hurting police officers,” Solan said, KIRO 7 reported.

In a later incident Monday night, the police guild headquarters was reportedly targeted by three firebombs, according to Solan, KIRO 7 reported. “Our surveillance video captured two individuals scouting our location for several hours,” he said.

The video shows a stairway at the back of the guild on fire, though officers were allegedly able to put it out, KIRO 7 reported.

Solan criticized city officials for not condemning the incidents, KIRO 7 reported. “That’s why it’s incumbent upon our elected officials to put a stop to this immediately,” he said.

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PCR Tests Show Positive Because They Respond to Genetic Material Present in All Humans

New evidence shows that the controversial PCR test that tests for genetic material instead of the virus itself, is testing for a genetic sequence that is naturally found in humans. The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document. The primer sequences are the items that are amplified by the PCR process in order to designate a “positive” test result. The exact same 18-character sequence, in the same order, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8! Chromosome 8 governs our intelligence and our immune system, especially resistance to cancer. This, alone, explains why there are so many false positive results.

Dr. Kaufman says no one has ever purified the virus, therefore, it cannot be proven that it is a new, never-been-seen before virus that is causing illness. He estimates a 100% error rate in this test. He says the media switched reporting from the number of deaths to the number of cases so lockdowns, masks, and other tyrannical polices may remain in place. So-called cases are easily supported by fraudulent tests. These tests are combined with counting people who test positive for COVID-19 when they die and adding them to those who die from COVID-19, no matter what the real cause of death may be. In this way, the mortality rate is totally fictional. Dr. Kaufman says there are zero cases of anyone becoming ill when exposed to asymptomatic people. He says the HIV antibody test is very similar to the COVID-19 antibody test and there are 60 health conditions that will create a false positive test result for HIV. -GEG

WHO Primer

This was important enough that I wanted to get it out immediately. My research into the NCBI database for nucleotide sequences has lead to a stunning discovery. One of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA!

The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document. The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8! As far as I can tell, this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans. Can anyone explain this otherwise?

I really cannot overstate the significance of this finding. At minimum, it should have a notable impact on test results.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Warns Democrats that Polls Show Riots Make Them Look Bad

CNN anchor Don Lemon is warning Democrats that they’ll face consequences on election day for ignoring rioting across the country and that the riots must stop because “…it’s showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing – it is the only thing right now that is sticking.” He then suggested that Joe Biden could address police reform and blame the riots on Trump by saying it is happening under his watch.

In related news, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the police commissioner, has allowed rioting in his city for over 90 days, instead of arresting BLM and Antifa criminals. He is now asking citizens to “rise up” against the rioters with a “strong voice”. It seems he is more interested in optics that the citizens of the town.

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Kenosha: Armed Teenager Kills Two BLM/Antifa Rioters in Self Defense

This event likely will test if Americans are allowed to defend themselves and their property or the property of others. A 17-year old boy from Illinois went to Kenosha to help police protect the city. Video appears to show that Rittenhouse was attacked by BLM and Antifa rioters and, in self defense, shot three of them, killing two. He has been charged with six crimes, including first-degree homicide. Prominent attorney Lin Wood has agreed to defend Kyle free of charge. -GEG

Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old young man from Antioch, Illinois, traveled 21 miles and crossed the state line to Kenosha, Wisconsin to protect property amid the riots stemming from the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He had a rifle and a medical kit with him. He shot three white men who were BLM/ Antifa agitators, and two of them died. According to video and a journalist’s witness account, Rittenhouse was chased down in a car lot by Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who threw something at him. Rosenbaum has a criminal record that includes domestic abuse and a sex crime involving a minor. There is video of him before the shooting provoking armed militia to shoot him.
The mob heard the gunshots and chased Rittenhouse into the street when he stumbled. Another man, Anthony Huber, was filmed trying to bash him over the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse shot and killed Huber, who also has a criminal history that includes charges of false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon and strangulation as domestic abuse. He also had been arrested for battery. A third man, Gaige Grosskreutz, chased after Rittenhouse with a pistol and Rittenhouse shot him at close range in the upper arm, which has been saved, according to reports. Grosskreutz also has a criminal record that includes felony burglary.
After the shootings, Rittenhouse ran toward police to give himself up. All of the shootings by Rittenhouse appear to be in self defense. Democrat Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley tweeted that Rittenhouse is a”white supremacist domestic terrorist” and Senator Chris Murphy called him a “deranged white nationalist Trump supporter.”
Six charges have been file against Rittenhouse, including first-degree homicide and first-degree intentional homicide for defending himself against violent assailants with criminal records that attacked him. Attorney Lin Wood, the lawyer who won undisclosed settlements from CNN and Washington Post for smearing Covington Catholic kid Nick Sandmann, has offered to represent Kyle Rittenhouse for free after his GoFundMe page was shut down. Wood tweeted, “These charges must be dismissed as video clearly shows justified acts of self-defense. When dismissed, accusers should be held accountable & they should pay.” He added: “If Kyle cannot defend himself under the circumstances shown in videos, we are all at risk.” Americans’ right of self defense is at stake.

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Minneapolis: Rioters Loot Stores in Response to a Black Man Shooting Himself

Minneapolis: A black man, who had reportedly killed someone earlier in the day, shot himself in the head in an incident that had nothing whatsoever to do with police brutality. However, hundreds of people rioted anyway. The incident was captured on city surveillance video and released by police within 90 minutes, nonetheless, the suicide was still used as an excuse for looting and destruction. Gunshots were heard before the mob began breaking windows, setting fire to businesses, and attempting to loot Target and several other stores. The National Guard subsequently had to be called out to restore order.

Rioters in Minneapolis looted stores in response to a black man shooting himself in the head in an incident that had nothing whatsoever to do with police brutality.


Almost as if people who attach themselves to Black Lives Matter have nothing to do with seeking “justice” and everything to do with wanton, opportunistic criminality.

“Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo dispelled rumors on social media about the death of the unidentified Black man suspected in a Wednesday afternoon homicide who later fatally shot himself on the Nicollet Mall as officers approached,” reports CBS Minnestoa.

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Protesters Broke the Jaw of 71-Year-Old Kenosha Man Fending Off Vandals

Violent looters in Kenosha brutally attacked a 71-year-old man who was recovering from a double bypass surgery and was trying to stop the mob from vandalizing and stealing from buildings during Monday night’s protests. Someone threw a plastic bottle filled with concrete at the man, causing him to fall to the ground and break his jaw; he will have to undergo surgery. According to the owner of the mattress store that was set on fire and destroyed, someone pulled a gun on the senior as he tried to defend the buildings by spraying the looters in the face with a fire extinguisher so that they would have to remove their masks and could be identified.

Demonstrators in Kenosha brutally attacked a 71-year-old man who was defending buildings from vandals and looters during Monday night’s protests, throwing a plastic bottle filled with concrete, causing him to fall to the ground and break his jaw in two places.

Robert Cobb, 71, took to the streets to defend businesses after seeing footage of lawless protesters shamelessly setting buildings on fire.

According to the Kenosha News, “Cobb is a member of the Danish Brotherhood Lodge and close friend of Pamela ‘Sue’ Moniz, owner of The Mattress Shop” — two places protesters set ablaze. Cobb attempted to ward off looters and vandals by spraying them with a fire extinguisher. According to Moniz, owner of the mattress shop that protesters destroyed, someone pulled a gun on Cobb as he tried to defend the buildings.

“He sprayed them in the face so they had to take their masks off for identification,” she said. “Someone pulled a gun and another person yelled, ‘Don’t shoot this man, don’t shoot this man.’”

At another point, the elderly man was attacked with a plastic bottle filled with concrete, causing him to fall to the ground in a pool of blood.

“I absolutely cry every time I talk about it because this man did this for me,” Moniz said, according to Kenosha News. “He did it because that is the kind of person he is. He is so giving; so selfless”:

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