Riots Continue in Seattle But Federal Forces Sent Home Anyway

Seattle: Four to five thousand people protested peacefully on Saturday until a mob of about 1,500 broke away and the professional agitators set fires and faced off against law enforcement officers, assaulting them and hurling explosives at them. 59 officers were injured and 47 rioters were arrested. On Friday before the riot, Seattle Chief of Police Carmen Best advised her city’s business owners and residents that local police will not “risk their personal safety to protect property”. This apparently was motivated by a ban issued by the city council of against the use of tear gas and pepper spray to disperse rioters.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan blamed the violence on Trump and the federal forces, despite the destruction, murders and violence that occured before thew Feds arrived. She said the federal agents were a ‘dry run’ for martial law. Local governments in Democrat cities across the US are failing to enforce the law, leading to destruction and mayhem. Federal agents with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol Tactical Unit have demobilized and left the Seattle area. {So now we see the spectacle of both local and federal governments deliberately allowing the rioters to operate. Why would they do that? We think it is because they are following a larger plan to make things so frightening that the American people will plead for martial law to “save” them. Yes, people in high places want martial law to oversee their end game of extinguishing the last spark of freedom in America. If they really wanted to stop the riots and destruction, all they would have to do is stop the funding from George Soros and let the police do their job.] -GEG

The Seattle Police Department declared a riot and arrested 45 people after “explosives” were thrown at officers when a protest turned violent in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Saturday.

FOX 10 reports:

Up to 1,000 protesters gathered about 2 p.m. Saturday for a peaceful march in solidarity with unrest and violent demonstrations in Portland. By 4 p.m., crowds had broken away from the protest, setting fires to construction trailers at the Juvenile Detention Center and attacking camera crews. […]

Police reported multiple explosions in the area and multiple fires, including one inside the East Precinct, where rioters breached a security fence to vandalize the building. Police are investigating “possible explosive damage” to the walls of the East Precinct and more explosives being thrown at police.

Seattle police said the protesters were arrested for assaults on officers, obstruction, and failure to disperse. Prior to announcing the arrests, police shared a photo of flammable objects being hurled at officers.

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