Writer Banned for Listing Hundreds of Corporations That Support Antifa and BLM

Big business, Pixabay
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Medium, a platform that allows independent writers to publish articles and blogs, banned conservative writer Ashley Goldenberg for publishing a list of 269 businesses that financially support the violence, property damage, and looting by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Will you do business with these companies? The list is published below. -GEG

Medium, a platform that allows independent writers to publish articles and start blogs, banned conservative writer Ashley Goldenberg for publishing a list of businesses that have gone woke, supporting Black Lives Matter and the violent riots that have laid waste to multiple American cities over the past two weeks.

Goldenberg, previously known by her online pseudonym “Communism Kills,” has previously worked for various conservative institutions, including the Media Research Center and Capital Research Center.

Dozens of major American companies, including top Silicon Valley tech giants, have put out statements defending Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests over the past two weeks. The vast majority have failed to issue any statement condemning the widespread looting and violence.

In an email to Goldenberg, Medium accused her of violating the site’s rules against “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment.”

Read full article here…

Following Medium’s decision to censor Goldenberg, a number of other sites including free-speech social network Gab republished the list. The list can also be found below:

  1. 23andme: https://archive.is/Mjbwk
  2. 72andSunny: https://archive.is/B1x7Y
  3. AbbVie: https://archive.is/Q2Vqj
  4. Abbey Road Studios: https://archive.is/AJlrg
  5. The Academy (the Oscars): https://archive.is/cNRYf
  6. Activision Blizzard: https://archive.is/qfRJ1
  7. Adidas: https://archive.is/ezQ22
  8. Airbnb: https://archive.is/GmMjl
  9. Alaska Airlines: https://archive.is/wnICf
  10. Amazon: https://archive.is/lBR4u
  11. AMD: https://archive.is/i3krt
  12. American Airlines: https://archive.is/XBwhw
  13. American Express: https://archive.is/kzWXa
  14. American Apparel: https://archive.is/ETfYw
  15. Apple Music: https://archive.is/cj97E
  16. Ancestry: https://archive.is/5Q9JW
  17. Armani: https://archive.is/hX6Yw
  18. Astro Gaming: https://archive.is/9aWhf
  19. AT&T: https://archive.is/OzC04
  20. Atlantic Records: https://archive.is/65QQq
  21. AWS: https://archive.is/NXNAG
  22. AXE: https://archive.is/Xpxhw
  23. Barclays Bank: https://archive.is/9EAl4
  24. Barnes & Noble: https://archive.is/PCPKn
  25. Bandcamp: https://archive.is/5QQBT
  26. Bank of America: https://archive.is/FH1O0
  27. Bayer: https://archive.is/iT3EG
  28. Bergdorf Goodman: https://archive.is/nQiPA
  29. Bethesda: https://archive.is/2xeNE
  30. Ben & Jerry’s: https://archive.is/BqHRv
  31. Billboard: https://archive.is/Ruuv8
  32. BMW: https://archive.is/lRN51
  33. BP: https://archive.is/0qSwy
  34. com: https://archive.is/CZAs7
  35. Boost Mobile: https://archive.is/pLnAf
  36. Bratz: https://archive.is/vOA1d
  37. Burger King: https://archive.is/U9VzB
  38. Bungie: https://archive.is/81KHV
  39. Burberry: https://archive.is/ha0jP
  40. Burt’s Bees: https://archive.is/4NbLi
  41. Cadillac: https://archive.is/bS60C
  42. Call of Duty: https://archive.is/DEJA6
  43. Capcom: https://archive.is/S1BgN
  44. Capitol Records: https://archive.is/jeUpY
  45. Canada Goose: https://archive.is/y2nLo
  46. Cartoon Network: https://archive.is/CxAd7
  47. Chick-fil-A: https://archive.is/yiviH
  48. Chipotle: https://archive.is/Rk9zI
  49. Cisco: https://archive.is/fNvdP
  50. Citigroup: https://archive.is/36fkF
  51. Coca Cola: https://archive.is/bzTHi
  52. Colourpop Cosmetics: https://archive.is/AapIR
  53. Conde Nast: https://archive.is/ChMdI
  54. Converse: https://archive.is//sKjmg
  55. CORSAIR: https://archive.is/5S5DY
  56. Creative Commons: https://archive.is/kPdCO
  57. Criterion Collection: https://archive.is/JZ2Sd
  58. Crunchyroll: https://archive.is/q7Ucj
  59. CW: https://archive.is/JumZU
  60. CVS: https://archive.is/DbBSV
  61. DHL Express: https://archive.is/r4Pmp
  62. Dell: https://archive.is/IeI9j
  63. Degree: https://archive.is/SItaW
  64. Devolver Digital: https://archive.is/xcaEH
  65. DIRECTV: https://archive.is/hhBG4
  66. Discord: https://archive.is/hGtDw
  67. Disney: https://archive.is/wldfM
  68. Doritos: https://archive.is/nLHv0
  69. DoorDash: https://archive.is/vhTW2
  70. Doulingo: https://archive.is/v9Wpk
  71. Dribbble: https://archive.is/TDWFY
  72. Dropbox: https://archive.is/O2ygm
  73. E! News: https://archive.is/3PJyz
  74. EA: https://archive.is/92ALS
  75. Eaton: https://archive.is/ezfyE
  76. eBay: https://archive.is/TYTIz
  77. Eight Sleep: https://archive.is/IiV7n
  78. ESPN: https://archive.is/1I5Tf
  79. Etsy: https://archive.is/FtTof
  80. FedEx: https://archive.is/kKVJp
  81. Fender: https://archive.is/OGjBM
  82. Figma: https://archive.is/hNpcE
  83. FILA: https://archive.is/d6bZ6
  84. Fitbit: https://archive.is/Smx2g
  85. Foot Locker: https://archive.is/XRL65
  86. Formula 1: https://archive.is/FCpBG
  87. FOX: https://archive.is/p2BvT
  88. Frosted Mini Wheats: https://archive.is/vrEYN
  89. Funimation: https://archive.is/sfN8E
  90. GameSpot: https://archive.is/zEkO3
  91. Gartner: https://archive.is/QC8tz
  92. Gatorade: https://archive.is/fo7wl
  93. Genentech: https://archive.is/phHtt
  94. General Motors: https://archive.is/IP0a6
  95. Gibson: https://archive.is/qJYZY
  96. Glossier: https://archive.is/IYlXB
  97. GoDaddy: https://archive.is/VEMk4
  98. Goldman Sachs: https://archive.is/TA2h0
  99. GoFundMe: https://archive.is/Be0fJ
  100. Google: https://archive.is/DK2T8
  101. GoPro: https://archive.is/Aakvo
  102. Gorilla Glue: https://archive.is/0R9ya
  103. Grammarly: https://archive.is/Su1PT
  104. Grindr: https://archive.is/Z6KcW
  105. Guerilla Collective: https://archive.is/TTchM
  106. Gumroad: https://archive.is/oZMr7
  107. Gushers: https://archive.is/3Dju7
  108. Habitat for Humanity: https://archive.is/B81pI
  109. Harry’s: https://archive.is/mE4NN
  110. HBO: https://archive.is/oiUyY
  111. HBO Max: https://archive.is/LGsPt
  112. Headup: https://archive.is/G8ygg
  113. Help Scout: https://archive.is//D8DCs
  114. Hershey’s: https://archive.is/ZQ5zD
  115. H&M: https://archive.is/A9ONJ
  116. Home Depot: https://archive.is/KjUtA
  117. Honda: https://archive.is/4UYtd
  118. HP: https://archive.is/BO2tc
  119. Hulu: https://archive.is/4CyO2
  120. Humana: https://archive.is/RMRmE
  121. Humble Bundle: https://archive.is/YXDb6
  122. HyperX: https://archive.is/ZfHYp
  123. IBM: https://archive.is/ij3Q1
  124. IKEA: https://archive.is/piwcs
  125. IMAX: https://archive.is/OiCj1
  126. Indiegogo: https://archive.is/jrDZk
  127. io: https://archive.is/UTsTi
  128. Intel: https://archive.is/93D5q
  129. Invision: https://archive.is/UZkK1
  130. ITV: https://archive.is/yD1pS
  131. Kickstarter: https://archive.is/0zwng
  132. Lacoste: https://archive.is/T7nwc
  133. Lego: https://archive.is/UKFhD
  134. Levi’s: https://archive.is/KizLO
  135. Lenovo: https://archive.is/aRuDu
  136. Lexus: https://archive.is/71b2c
  137. LinkedIn: https://archive.is/sX5zb
  138. L’Oreal Paris: https://archive.is/Jfelo
  139. Logitech: https://archive.is/vf6J7
  140. Lowe’s: https://archive.is/V5UFz
  141. Lucky Brand: https://archive.is/fY2Mw
  142. Lululemon: https://archive.is/rjCRV
  143. Louis Vuitton: https://archive.is/nGZe8
  144. Lyft: https://archive.is/UXl3k
  145. Madden NFL 20: https://archive.is/CTUoi
  146. Marvel Entertainment: https://archive.is/Ptup6
  147. Mastercard: https://archive.is/K0n1d
  148. MATTEL: https://archive.is/bvsqN
  149. McAfee: https://archive.is/IGXA1
  150. McDonald’s: https://archive.is/jOZ65
  151. Merck: https://archive.is/Uq30E
  152. Mercedes Benz: https://archive.is/bs8y6
  153. Met Life: https://archive.is/Dukhi
  154. Metropolitan Opera: https://archive.fo/wecQ2
  155. Microsoft: https://archive.is/A7Vjv
  156. Mozilla: https://archive.is/m1aLg
  157. Napster: https://archive.is/fVY1s
  158. NASCAR: https://archive.is/LG2hU
  159. Ncsoft: https://archive.is/OVPVP
  160. Netflix: https://archive.is/UVSEr
  161. New Balance: https://archive.is/NyGnG
  162. New York Life: https://archive.is/HVVVk
  163. NFL: https://archive.is/G4yq4
  164. NHL: https://archive.is/lYbyG
  165. Niantic: https://archive.is/UdKYR
  166. Nickelodeon: https://archive.is/JWSPQ
  167. Nike: https://archive.is/UXYBy
  168. Nintendo: https://archive.is/5UOjp
  169. Nordstrom: https://archive.is/A7mUU
  170. North Face: https://archive.is/rq1Cb
  171. Old Spice: https://archive.is/1UK5d
  172. OnlyFans: https://archive.is/EFs5C
  173. Paramount Pictures: https://archive.is/ixXHd
  174. Paramount Network: https://archive.is/BCAX3
  175. Patreon: https://archive.is/wzfM5
  176. Peloton: https://archive.is/d36k7
  177. Pepsi Co: https://archive.is/9S5ow
  178. Pfizer Inc: https://archive.is/A6hby
  179. Playstation: https://archive.is/52Vvl
  180. Plex: https://archive.is/9szCf
  181. Pokemon: https://archive.is/p9zuP
  182. Popeye’s Chicken: https://archive.is/CzlHd
  183. Pop-Tarts: https://archive.is/8cMGG
  184. Pornhub: https://archive.is/nciUB
  185. Porsche: https://archive.is/VrmlZ
  186. Pringles: https://archive.is/1WpA1
  187. Procter & Gamble: https://archive.is/JSMO4
  188. Puget Systems: https://archive.is/4Zcu7
  189. PUMA: https://archive.is/lHx9j
  190. Pusheen: https://archive.is/71dL1
  191. Qualcomm: https://archive.is/syYmb
  192. Quicken Loans: https://archive.is/SmDfJ
  193. Reddit: https://archive.is/H09M8
  194. RedHat: https://archive.is/ObTZu
  195. Red Lobster: https://archive.is/aIUyy
  196. Red Wing: https://archive.is/LLCVv
  197. Reebok: https://archive.is/v0nat
  198. Reese’s: https://archive.is/Rc4pJ
  199. Rice Krispies: https://archive.is/U4Zn9
  200. Riot Games: https://archive.is/2XH97
  201. Rockstar Games: https://archive.is/QdcPI
  202. Salesforce: https://archive.is/t1qZB
  203. Sanofi: https://archive.is//ErmGO
  204. Scholastic: https://archive.is/fFmX3
  205. Sega: https://archive.is/9YyUJ
  206. Sesame Street: https://archive.is/5he9K
  207. Society Generale US: https://archive.is/IoUgp
  208. Showtime: https://archive.is/YTPVw
  209. Sketch: https://archive.is/QvXDT
  210. Slack: https://archive.is/gF9ym
  211. Sephora: https://archive.is/Gm7Rc
  212. Shopify: https://archive.is/iq5jB
  213. Skillshare: https://archive.is/JX5em
  214. Snap: https://archive.is/HcGGQ
  215. Snapchat: https://archive.is/5reL4
  216. Sony: https://archive.is/1PtlU
  217. Soundcloud: https://archive.is/H3ZDC
  218. Spotify: https://archive.is/ufTeo
  219. Square Enix: https://archive.is/qmPIX
  220. STARZ: https://archive.is/eQ4YG
  221. Starbucks: https://archive.is/EENlS
  222. Star Wars: https://archive.is/xnSgt
  223. Subway: https://archive.is/D5F8H
  224. Supreme New York: https://archive.is/KqeQs
  225. Sysco Corporation: https://archive.is/WyXx8
  226. Taco Bell: https://archive.is/LLY9l
  227. Target: https://archive.is/YoIrO
  228. TBS: https://archive.is/N0QhU
  229. Tesco: https://archive.is/hZS7B
  230. Thatgamecompany: https://archive.is/7po1C
  231. Ticketmaster: https://archive.is/VkhNC
  232. TikTok: https://archive.is/bt2vy
  233. Timberland: https://archive.is/HZtxv
  234. Tinder: https://archive.is/YaY2y
  235. TMobile: https://archive.is//KB2lG
  236. Tumblr: https://archive.is/i9fMQ
  237. Twitch: https://archive.is/DAmR5
  238. Twitter: https://archive.is/auIgi
  239. Uber: https://archive.is/RrScn
  240. Uber Eats: https://archive.is/UwwQS
  241. Ubisoft: https://archive.is/0qMff
  242. Ugg: https://archive.is/YZuWv
  243. Ulta Beauty: https://archive.is/6ZESx
  244. Under Armor: https://archive.is/WuYMM
  245. UnitedHealth Group: https://archive.is/rzQXF
  246. Vanguard: https://archive.is/Y12IM
  247. Vans: https://archive.is/5nYag
  248. VeggieTales: https://archive.is/ocjzA
  249. Verizon: https://archive.is/hPZoJ
  250. VERSACE: https://archive.is/wWsxK
  251. Vevo: https://archive.is/MVtrR
  252. Via: https://archive.is/fFIvU
  253. ViacomCBS: https://archive.is/uCGXy
  254. Virgin Records: https://archive.is/QiykN
  255. Virta: https://archive.is/7e9KT
  256. VIZ: https://archive.is/eMuIW
  257. Vivaldi: https://archive.is/QO9do
  258. Warner Bros https://archive.is/F1Tqn
  259. Warner Records: https://archive.is/Mm6qb
  260. Well’s Fargo: https://archive.is/CGA4n
  261. Wendy’s: https://archive.is/7X4Nu
  262. WeWork: https://archive.is/TEpa7
  263. XBox: https://archive.is/6zdVS
  264. Yamaha Music USA: https://archive.is/ANDkF
  265. Yelp: https://archive.is/eU4NS
  266. YouTube: https://archive.is/5qz6a
  267. Zara: https://archive.is/t2QeR
  268. Zildijian: https://archive.fo/o6Tqi
  269. Zoom: https://archive.is/7o03X

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2 years ago

Interesting, isn’t it? Only yesterday my daughter sent me this https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/gzeh99/want_to_know_why_blm_is_getting_so_much_money_and/
They say it’s money laundering scheme. I just don’t know enough about how such things work, but I suspect this could be true. Total insanity. Very totalitarian ways to control everything, worse than in Soviet Union because of the total brainwashing of masses. What totally amazes me that lots of educated people go along with all that movement. Thanks Lord I live in the conservative province and the movement to defund the police here is not going to be popular.

2 years ago

Thank you for publishing this list. A convenient way to avoid supporting the predator-class and those who support communism and tyranny.

2 years ago

Who is left to do business with? All the internet and phone providers are on the list. Mozilla? Really?
Now we know why they are being bussed in in Mercedes buses and vans.
Do some of these companies even realize what they are supporting?

Bill Goode
Bill Goode
2 years ago

It would be interesting to compare this list with a list of retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, etc. who are declaring they will move out of the riot torn cities.
Are any companies on this list being hypocritical, such as Bank of America, headquartered in Pelosi’s city, San Francisco, which has yet to have much rioting.
Ben & Jerrys is tucked safely away in Bernie’s hometown of Burlington, Vermont, Communist stronghold of America. Not likely to see many riots there.
Of course we should expect such action from Hollywood types, such as Academy Awards, Warner Records, Virgin Records, etc.

Debra Hood Grayley
Debra Hood Grayley
2 years ago

I will publish this far and wide until it saturates the planet. Boycott, Boycott Boycott.

Joe Donuts
Joe Donuts
2 years ago

I was in a coma for 2 weeks. What happened to the Coronavirus?

2 years ago

This is a huge list with top brand names. I’m just wondering if this is extortion from the ‘entertainment moguls’. If you don’t contribute, we’ll ban you from advertising anywhere. Or maybe it’s automatically taken out of their fees. Surely, some of those businesses have a clue as to who liberals are??

Dirk Marsh
Dirk Marsh
2 years ago

I wonder if those companies support BLM because they don’t want to be called racist? They probably don’t know about BLM being communist. Most people don’t have a clue about anything nor do are they interested in learning.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dirk Marsh

its all blm propaganda!! i have marched/supported them from the very beg, they are a peaceful movement against police brutality..they would never jeopardize their cause ! i have met the families of slain members ..the movement has grown so strong and are blamed when paid provocatuers n undercover kkkops doing the rioting..they are hated by nyc kkops!! people need to get the truth bf they comment!

2 years ago
Reply to  Dirk Marsh

i don’t know about anti fa but i question that too…