Washington State Police Chief Ousted After Praising Armed Citizens Who Gathered to Block Rioters

Snohomish Police Chief Keith Rogers
Washington State: Snohomish city leaders demoted Snohomish Police Chief Keith Rogers because of his praise for several hundred armed citizens who gathered to protect the town from rioters and looters. When Rogers said it was a “festive night of tailgating and celebratory pleasantries,” there was an outcry on the Internet from those who support the revolutionaries posing as demonstrators. It is no surprise that the rioters never showed up. Rogers will stay on as a lieutenant and will be reassigned. -GEG

The police chief of Snohomish was replaced on Monday following a week of mounting tension over how he handled a rumored but unrealized threat that antifa activists planned to riot and damage storefronts in the community.

A divide in Snohomish, a city of 10,000 near the Cascade foothills, had come to light early last week as citizens armed with semi-automatic weapons and displaying a Confederate flag gathered in the city’s historic downtown.

Some clashed with protesters who have been holding nightly demonstrations against racial injustice and the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. The armed demonstrators included members of right-wing groups, according to interviews with group members, and multiple witnesses said many people had been drinking while carrying weapons on May 31.

The next night, violence broke out when a man demonstrators believed was linked to the armed group was shown on video throwing punches and striking at least one teenager who had joined a protest against police misconduct, and another protester said he was pushed to the ground where two people then choked and hit him.

Keith Rogers, now the former police chief of Snohomish, faced steep criticism for not taking the armed crowd’s presence more seriously. At a recent Snohomish City Council meeting, he had described the evening as “festive.”

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5 months ago

Newark, New Jersey. 1967. Only two areas survived because citizens built and manned barricades – North Newark/Forest Hill and the Ironbound Section. Can we learn from history?

5 months ago
Reply to  FreeOregon

I live in the Netherlands and consider your 2nd amendment
a boon to the willing and able.
I wish you strength and fortitude in these troubled times.

Brenda Shumate
Brenda Shumate
5 months ago

Snohomish city leaders should be ousted! The Sheriff didn’t do anything wrong. He seems to be the only one with any brains and cares for his city.

Ben Dover
Ben Dover
2 months ago

Am from this area, most are well armed and knowledgeable. Too bad there are not more like the young man in Wisc. If this was so ‘we the people’ could make short order of this…