US Corporations Pledge $1.7 Billion to Black Lives Matter

Corporations have pledged more than $1.7-billion supposedly for racial and social-justice causes amid worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd. In some cases, the companies have not yet disclosed how the money will be spent. The heavy hitters include Bank of America donating $1-billion and Nike, Sony Music, Walmart, and Warner Music group all donating $100-million each. {Don’t forget that this money comes from our patronage of these companies.] -GEG

Corporations have pledged more than $1.7 billion for racial and social justice causes amid worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died after a Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee into his neck.

Companies in the United States and across the globe have announced donations to nonprofit organizations and pledged money for internal company programs. In some cases, the companies have not yet disclosed how the money will be spent.

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4 months ago

The CEO’s of these companies need to be arrested for treason against this country, and the companies dismantled.

Charles Andrew Robinson
Charles Andrew Robinson
4 months ago

Someone said, I forget where, that these BLM donations are being funneled back to the DNC front runner.