Statues Across the US Have Been Toppled and Defaced to Incite Anger and Violence

Tucker Carlson said that the Red Brigade is carrying out a Cultural Revolution in the streets while the deep state is carrying out a Color Revolution to oust our democratically elected president. The destruction is being done with explicit government approval, and only Americans stepping up to try and stop this lawlessness are being arrested and prosecuted. Statues in Portland, Oregon, of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were pulled down, and a flag was burned on top of them, and they were defaced with anti-white graffiti. Father Junipero Serra, Ulysses Grant, and Cervantes were toppled in San Francisco while the statue of Francis Scott Key was also defaced with the message: “Kill Whitey”. Albert Pike in Washington, DC, two Confederate statues in Raleigh, North Carolina, Christopher Columbus statues in Richmond, Boston and St. Paul, a Texas Ranger statue in the Dallas airport, former US senators were toppled in Albany and Nashville, and a former mayor in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Daily Caller asked President Trump why he has not sent federal troops to stop the chaos. Trump replied, “Right now, I think it’s great sitting back and watching this catastrophe.” [It seems clear to us that all levels of government are complicit in allowing the violence to proceed unhindered until the public demands martial law – which is the plan from the beginning. Pressure from below (the rioters funded by Soros and his investors) plus pressure from above (legislation from both Democrats and Republicans to bankrupt the nation and abolish liberty), if not stopped soon, will move the nation into communism under the banner of social justice, health emergency, and socialism. Tucker has done an excellent job of summarizing the deadly serious nature of the present revolution, but we do not agree that our only hope lies in the Republican Party. In our view, we are seeing a bad-cop, good-cop scenario. Both political parties are bad cops, but one is pretending otherwise.] -GEG