Black Woman Says George Floyd’s Death Was Used to Get Votes for Democrats

Samantha Marika, a young black woman, criticized the COVID-19 quarantine that was lifted just for George Floyd’s funeral. She says the Democrat Party needs the black vote and that several days after Floyd died, black people were pressured to vote Blue when the primaries followed the next week. She says Al Sharpton used Floyd’s funeral to campaign for Democrats. She resents the attempt to use her race for political purposes. -GEG

Samantha Marika, a political commentator, made an eye-opening observation about Black Lives Matter and George Floyd’s funeral.

Two weeks ago, you were unable to have a funeral,” said Marika.  “If your mom, your dad, if your grandma died. They couldn’t have a funeral. And if you did try to have a funeral, you could have been arrested.”

Marika continued, “You fast forward two weeks later, you turn on the television and there’s a giant funeral, a giant memorial for George Floyd. Celebrities and politicians all there, the same people for the past couple of months who are telling you if you were to go into a group of people, you could have died because of COVID-19.”

Marika concluded her video by asking a powerful question.

You’re going to sit here and tell me hashtag Black Lives Matter? Oh, they care about black people, do they? Or do Black lives matter only when they need your vote? Ask yourself that question.”

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