Activist Peggy Hall Scores a Victory in Her County Against Face Masks

Activist Peggy Hall. Youtube
Activist and educator, Peggy Hall, shares her story of successfully lobbying her local County Supervisors/ Commissioners to strike down mandatory face masks in Orange County, California. Deputy Health Director Nichole Quick resigned from her office after Peggy Hall and her supporters applied pressure. The local health emergency was unlawfully prolonged so the county could collect federal and state emergency funds. This, however, is fraud, and Peggy threatened to sue. Now she wants to teach other activists across the country how to replicate her victory. Here she explains how to get started. -GEG

Peggy Hall Explains How to Take Action:

  • Go to the LINKS page of this website for contact info for local, county and state agencies

  • Go to the LETTERS page for a copy of the letter you can send to your representatives about the UNLAWFUL state of emergency in California.


  • Read the laws and research so you are armed with education to inform and inspire others to take action to promote our freedom

“There is no threat of an epidemic that overwhelms the resources of the state, and therefore according to the Emergency Services Act, section 8558(b) there are no grounds for a State of Emergency in California.”

— Peggy Hall

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Oz Diaz
Oz Diaz
7 months ago

Amazing thank you

Anne Barnes
Anne Barnes
6 months ago

This is great news for us Europeans, to hear that Americans have not lost their will to fight for their precious freedoms. We have long envied your far reaching freedom of speech and right to defend yourself and your family if threatened, and have been dismayed at seing these freedoms eroded lately.
Now we all have better cause than ever to stand our ground against NWO tyranny.
May God bless us all!

6 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS to Peggy Hall. Great work. You are our role model. Thanks.

Mary McCrary
Mary McCrary
5 months ago

I would like to be added to your emails. I want to fight for our freedom of choice. God Bless you