Google Chrome Users May Have Been Impacted by a Massive Spying Campaign

June 22, 2020 CNN 1

Awake Security linked the spyware to Galcomm, an Israeli web-hosting company. The company refuted parts of Awake’s report, saying 25% of the domains Awake checked were not Galcomm domains, but said little about the other 75%. Google says all the extensions flagged by Awake have since been removed.


Why State Governors Cannot Order Citizens to Wear Masks

June 22, 2020 Peggy Hall 9

Peggy Hall says that CA Governor Newsom issued an order requiring everyone to wear face masks in public, but his power is is limited to directing agencies. California’s Public Health agencies can issue orders of this kind, they can do so only during a time of emergency, and she says COVID is not an emergency.


Supreme Court Rules Against Trump on DACA, Kicks the Can Down the Road

June 22, 2020 CNBC 1

The Supreme Court ruled against ending DACA that was created by Obama. The ruling allows 700,000 ‘Dreamers’ to avoid deportation at this time. Senator Ted Cruz said the reasoning was that, because the Obama Administration violated federal immigration laws, Trump now has to continue the process.