Why It Is Impossible to Prove That Viruses or Bacteria Cause Disease

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Dr. Tom Cowan, MD, says that scientists have never proved that either viruses or bacteria cause disease, because they never have been isolated and purified sufficiently to eliminate the possibility that something else was the cause. Even Louis Pasteur wrote in this diary that he was unable to do this. Without proof, the entire germ theory of infectious disease is based on belief, not science.

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2 years ago

It may be true that absolute proof does not exist, but there is overwhelming (and I do mean overwhelming) evidence that some virus and bacteria cause diseases. This is one of those interesting issues that is worth further investigation from many angles, but anyone who believes no diseases are caused by virus or bacteria has not looked at the evidence.

11 days ago
Reply to  bootstrap

actually the opposite is true. you are simply mistaking correlation for causation. try again. Viruses have never been shown to cause disease whatsoever, and there is no valid empirical evidence to the contrary, using proper scientific methodology and controls. ZERO. The burden of proof is on the ones making the claim in the affirmative about viruses causing disease (yourself and those who take the virus theory as valid), not the critics. This is because, in physical science (as opposed to abstract sciences like logic or math), by definition, one cannot prove a negative (such as saying prove that viruses do… Read more »