New Understanding of Viruses: They May Be Defenders, Not Attackers!

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In this nine-minute video, the current theory that viruses cause illness is compared to an emerging theory of exosomes, which have the same structure and content of viruses but which are immune-system ‘good guys’. That’s because their function is to gather debris from inside cells that have been damaged by environmental and systemic toxins and carry it out of the cells where it can be removed from the body completely. Exosomes also notify other cells of this activity, which causes the entire body to mount a defense. During colder months, exosomes must purge more of these toxins than in warmer months, which may account for the seasonal nature of the flu. Exosomes look exactly like viruses and behave exactly like them as well. However, the old theory views their association with toxic particles as evidence they are bad, while the new theory views their association with toxic particles as evidence they are good. The debate is on, but there is a growing understanding among scientists that viruses and exosomes are one-in-the-same. -GEG

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Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ
Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ
2 years ago

WHY IS FLU CALLED “A COLD” or “CATCHING COLD”? GEG points out that colder months see more flu than warmer months. I also would add that flu is often called “a cold”, which is a give away to the idea that we’re dealing with a malady associated with “cold”…to the extent that we’ve called it “a cold”. How very interesting when you stop and think about it! GERMS SHOULD DESIRE WARMTH NOT COLD The PROBLEM with the “germ theory” in this regard is that “germs” are MORE LIKELY to grow and reproduce in WARM TEMPERATURES than COLD temperatures… because WARMTH… Read more »